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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Future CrossFit Calgary client


5 rounds for reps:


Bench Press

Rest 3:00

Coach’s notes:  Recommended weight for bench press in this workout is your body weight.  If you cannot bench press your body weight, scale the load until you reach a load that allows for 10 reps in the first set.  Attempt as many repetitions as possible in each set and record the total reps for each of the 5 sets to comments.

Comments: 4

our pride and joy…boy she’ll look back when 15 years old and DL’ing 200 lbs wondering why she was skipping and DL’ing – c’mon Hannah, where is the gymnastics component here…
love you – James (OPT) and Leighanne (OPT Mommy)

Introducing Miss Crossfit 2020…….never too young for Crossfit!
Second thought, with the examples being set by her parents, maybe it will Miss Crossfit 2015, accompanied by Mr. Crossfit 2015 aka Keane…..

Awesome! Hannah you rock!

And we have a picture of Hannah being the official “back up official” at the Challenge… timer in hand 🙂 She’s training for everything early! We should have our pics and videos on disc by Tuesday.

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