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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, October 2, 2010


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:


 Ring Dips


Coach’s notes: Guys use 135 lbs and gals 95 lbs for cleans. The catch must be full squat for all. Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 10

As rx’d 24:08. Cleans felt really great today, but rig dips took forever. Had a few no reps.

Great job today everyone, thanks for the cheers that helped me get through the last few reps.

14:51 Scaled cleans to 115lbs.
Great job everyone.

Great job Allison pushing through your last dips!
14:13 Scaled to 62lbs can’t get past this number for cleans
some times purple band, some times not for dips
not strong today -jello body

Scaled cleans to 80# which was definitely still a huge challenge. Tried 85# during warm-up, but it just felt too heavy for that many reps.
Ring dips as rx’d

Way to go everyone this morning. Great effort by everybody!!!

Thanks Laura!

Scaled cleans to 65 lbs (will increase next time)
Purple band for ring dips

Practiced working towards muscle ups. Thanks Laura!

10:39 as rx’d, took 9 and a half minutes off my last time. Thanks for the cheering Ali and Laura. Great job Allison and Katrin, way to fight through that one. Krista your ring dips are ridiculous.

Scaled Nasty girls, subbed muscle ups for dips and CTB pull ups 19.something, felt weak and slow.
Best of luck DJ, give errrrr.

11:35 as rx’d cleans 1 at a time ring dips felt good!! Chelsea you are super human! Great work everyone! Huge class and fun! Thanks Laura great coaching and pushing! You too Ali!

I forgot my time, but think it was 15:22…Scaled cleans to 105. Used lower weight to get technique better. Great class.

Scaled Nasty girls, subbed muscle ups for jumping ones. 19:13.

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