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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 7, 2009

See how you rank against your commrades who will be competing today.Β  If you can’t make it, try these WODs.

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I’d like to thank everyone ahead of time for participating in the first Crossfit Calgary Challenge and a huge thanks to the organizers for allowing proceeds to go to the Davey family. Everything about CFC is a class act and I am grateful for all the fun times and good friends I have made from being apart of it.

Mack, the thanks goes to you and your willingness to donate your membership. I know its been tough dealing with injury and your

thoughtfulness is a testament to your character… Now get them knees fixed so I can continue to school you in the WOD’s … haha

I’ll be there in spirit cheering you all on!! HAVE FUN everyone!! πŸ™‚

Great work on the morning WOD everyone.
It was inspiring.
It was fun to be on the other side, judging/coaching, instead of competing. It’s more work than you think.
The athletes at my station were awesome. Congrats to Tracy, Carmen, Sandee, Candi and Lynette.
Good luck this afternoon.

great work this morning to everyone who was participating and a big thank you to the coaches and everyone who was there cheering all of us participants on! It was fun! Thanks Mack and Kris for organizing and the time and effort you put into to making this a big success!
WOD one was tough but again fun! sorry I have to miss this afternoon! Good Luck everyone and congrats to everyone taking part!

Thanks to everyone who organized,
motivated and participated.
This was great fun and we should do more if we can.

Next time I am really gonA hit it….

Every one in our crossfit community is awsome!!!

Thanks to everyone who organized this fun filled event. Thanks to Mack and Kris for getting things organized. Thanks to all the CF coaches, volunteers, timers, and motivators…Special thanks to Erin and DJ for counting for me and motivating me. Great community of people we are lucky to be a part of!!

A big thanks to everyone who organized this event as well as all of the volunteers and coaches. You guys did a fantastic job today, it was a blast. Thanks to everyone for cheering me on at the end, I was having flashbacks to Monday.

Awesome efforts, spirits and energy today everyone. As I said to many of you, this just does not get old! It was truly inspirational and exciting to watch each of you compete. Big thanks again to all those who helped put this day together. See you in the gym.

Thank you to everyone who helped make today so well run. It was a fun and inspiring day, being surrounded by such committed and kind spirited people. CFC is the best!

What a great day! This was my first time competing in any kind of CFC competiton/fundraiser and I had such a good time! Thanks for all the support – especially to Rob for keeping on me in the first WOD and also to Stacey for her strategy tips for WOD2!!

I was surprised and ecstatic to win the six month membership!! A big thanks to Mack for his generous donation!

What a great day, Thanks to everyone who organized this fun filled event.

Like others, this was my first competition and I absolutely loved it. I just wanted to do my best and I’m extremely happy with my result.

Big thanks to Mack for his donation! CF is truly a tight community and I was proud to see it first hand on Saturday!

Congratulations to all the top finishers! Chelsea, your WOD2 was incredible! Garrett, your WOD1.

And finally, thanks to all the coaches and volunteers for helping to make this happen!!

Oops, I meant to say that Garrett’s WOD1 unbelievable.

Thanks to all the coaches and volunteers at the event. The sense of community you experince at these events is unbelievable and I am grateful for being able to participate. A special thanks to Erin for pushing this Old Guy in both the workouts.

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