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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 6, 2010

21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time:



Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

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HSPU (green and blue band)
Pull-ups (purple band)
Thanks DJ!

Still taking it easy because of my back; took my time with this one…
HSPU’s with 3 purple bands; two on the bar, one for harness (too easy, but today that was a good thing)
Thanks DJ for you help. Sorry again for kicking you!

Great work Lynn. You looked quite uncomfortable, which is why I was trying to help you any way that I could. You stuck with it though and finished strong. Way to go!

7:41 as Rx’d
13:xx – HSPU were a mix of kipping and lowers – total gong show. I think the piano tied to my A$$ last week turned into an elephant, her name is Ethel…..

16.40 – HSPU with two blue bands, first time doing these, so i was a bit all over the place. Thanks for the offer of help Katrin!

Worked on clean pull
Jackie 8.38

Haha, Rebecca that is hilarious. I think Ethel is a good name for an elephant! Did 21-15-9 Ring Push-ups Toes to Bar Box Jumps 6:38 as rx’d.

14:07 kind of as rx’d ?? not exactly sure
used abmat and 25 lb plates for my hands to bring mat to level
mostly 1’s, couple 2’s for hspu – the 21 was hard – at 15 used just abmat for 5, did them UB and too easy so went back to plates… pu’s sucked: 15/4/2, 7/8, 9 *not sure why these are so brutal lately* good one Rebecca!!! **Ethel** was hanging off my behind as well – actually haven’t been able to shake her for a couple weeks it seems! kind of like an albatros around my neck!

Did the wod of the day but not for time
Then did Jackie with david in 9:16
1:30 hours after i am still dizzie and shaking!

2:34 as rx’d

I used the bands to assist (green and purple). Next time I will use purple & purple or just try as Rxd.

nicely done Jake!!

scaled to HSPU to lowers to ab mat…felt really slow!!!

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