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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 rounds for time:

10 Burpees

30 Jumping Pull-ups

50 Double Unders

90 seconds rest


Coach’s notes: Wrists should touch bar with arms extended directly overhead to determine proper box height for jumping pull-ups.  Burpees are chest to deck, as always.  Post round times and total working time to comments. 

Holiday Schedule is as posted.  Happy Holidays!


Comments: 14

1.54 , 2.06 , 1.27 , 2.20 , 2.13 , 2.30 , 2.00

great workout! Thanks Todd for the tips and encouragement!

Forgot to write down rounds…running time. Total minus rests = 17:00 minutes. Double-unders sucked severely today…could not string more than 10 in a row for the entire time. The jumping pull-ups, unlike at Macks Challenge, went well today. Great workout

1:51, 2:05, 2:15, 2:14, 2:18, 2:1, 2:20
Total time with rests, 24:22, or 15:22 working time. great coaching Todd…

1:36, 1:54, 2:15, 2:15, 2:14, 2:15, 2:15
Total WOD time including rest 23:44.

total time was 31:15

after the first round with the double unders at a little over 6 min. sub 100 single for the 50 double under to be able to complete the work out in under an hour

1:36/1:41/2:12/2:24/2:33/2:26/2:18 = 15:10 working time (24:10 with the rest)

Burpees are always slow, and jumping pullups are always harder than I think they should be, but this will be the workout that finally gets me off my butt to get my own rope!

1:46/1:50/2:12/2:01/3:01/2:53/2:22 25:05 working time 16:05. Double unders were absolutely horrible by round 5, could not seem to get over the rope!!! Just another thing to work on, thanks Todd.


10:40 working time. 21:19 total. Happy with the DU’s, I think 3 rounds unbroken, most of the others just 1 trip up. Coming along nicely. Gonna feel this in the calves tomorrow I think…

19:37 total time

4:50, 5:03, 5:44, 5:39, 5:31, 5:45, 6:39…what can I say, DU’s weren’t nice to me today and I have the welts to prove it. But it got done, that’s the main thing

Total time of torture was 39:18 excluding the rests

Francis, working time is total time minus 9 minutes, not 10:39! 🙂

Jake, ridiculous times! I don’t know how you can do those movements so fast, especially after so many rounds!

PM WOD yesterdays Lynne
17/30, 15/30, 13/31, 10/25, 9/20
200 Total
3 min between sets
Thanks Cory. Good push from Todd. (90 sec rest was nice too)

Damnit, good eye Cory. a.k.a. score nazi 🙂
Used an excel sheet to tally up the times and forgot to add the 1st 1:39!
Make that 12:19 working time. cripes

I have never came so close to quiting a workout. By the 2nd round I felt like I had zero energy. Note to self – do not play game of hockey and then do a crossfit workout the evening before and expect to give it your all in the morning.
2:00/2:30/2:45/2:58/3:45/3:24/2:47 = Total time 20:09

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