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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shoulder Press  1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes:  Post load to comments.

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In case you didnt see my post from yesterday Krista, the website is dynamic eleiko. Just put that or adidas weightlifting shoes in google and you will find it. Check the clearance shoes for good deals, and enough people have these at CFC that you can find a size to try on im sure


Shoulder Press:

65, 75 , 85 , 95, 105, 115 (FAILED), 110 (FAILED)

Annie ( *** Modified***)
DU 7 per round
Sit-up as RX

170, 175(f)

SHoulder Press: 75/80/82.5/85/87.5/90(F) PB at 87.5
Annie: 5:49
Thanks for the push girls

160# on the shoulder press
Tied PR, would have attempted 162.5 but had a mishap with the bar

Annie, subbed 1 pood KB for the DU’s


worked up to 87.5, attempted 90 and failed. It was great to lift with such strong girls! Krista you made it look easy!
Annie – oh dear, the dus still need work- 9:59 – thanks Cory and Todd for counting. I’ll wear better pants next time! Liz you are a machine – I think I’d be in the hospital with a time like that – well done!

Reached the same old 120# on the shoulder press again. 122.5 feels so much heavier!

6:13 on Annie. 35 seconds slower than last week, but the DUs were off and the situps were slow.

just did the Shoulder Press
115×3: 135×1: 145×1: 150×1: 155×1 (pb): 160 fail

up to 130, 10# PR. It’s been a good week.

Annie 6:48, exactly the same time as last time. A bit faster on the situps (abmat), but a few more screw ups on the DUs.

75 / 95 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 125 (f) / 125 (f)
Annie: 9:42 2 seconds faster than last week

press: 87.5 (failed at 90#)
Annie: 6:19, pr!

85/105/115/125/135/140/145 failed (close)
Annie 7:45 30 seconds faster than last Sunday.
50 and 40 du unbroken 30/20/10 a mess!!!

shoulder press: 90! yeah, 2 weeks ago failed at it so new pr
“Annie”: 8:24 situps felt SLOW!!!! Liz, Leigh… holy FAST TIMES!!! nice work!!
Katie, Karen – great work on the presses today!

Oh, and thanks Tlaw! much appreciated!
Todd, thanks for a fun class!

Francis, I could be mistaken, but I’d have sworn your last attempt was at 125#. I thought you had a 25, 10, and 2 2.5 plates on each side.

130#, 135# fail.

Cory, I think I had a 25, 10, 5 and 2x 2.25 on each side (135#) for my last attempt which i failed. The previous which I got had one less 2.25 on each side (130#).
I’ll do it again soon and make sure.


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