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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 20, 2010

17, 14, 11, 8 rep rounds for time:

Shoulder Press

GHD Sit-ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs, gals 65 lbs for shoulder press and post time to comments.

Comments: 12

@ 7:37 Scaled to 65#

Hey everybody;

Just wanted to say thanks for the hospitality and welcoming over the past month and a half. I’ve concluded my exams and am now headed back to the province with the better football team (sorry, had to add that in there). CFC is a spectacular place, and the community is outstanding. Keep killin’ it.


It was nice meeting you Taryn, good luck in everything and congrats on getting through your exams. 7:41 as rx’d, thanks for being my partner Rebecca and keeping me going. Great class Laura.

18:58 as rx’d.
Thank you Yaz and Meredith for being my partners and cheering me on…you too Laura, great class!

Rick used 70# for the first two rounds then dropped to 65# 9:42
Adelle with 52# 14:04
Thanks for counting and keeping me going Angela. Interesting wod.
Thanks Laura and everyone!

10:35 @ 47 pounds. Thanks Olga and Merdith for being my workout buddies.
Thank YOU Laura and all the 9:30’ers. Happy saturday!

Worked on cleans and got 20 du in a row.

Did 2 wods. Main site:
7rds of:
5 HSPU (Kipping)
10 DL (185#)
5 CTB pull ups
20 DU

Today’s wod as rx”d
21 min

8:25 as Rx’d for men.

Good bye Taryn. It was great to work out with you and don’t worry I will keep the “Pride” alive at CFC!!! Take Care.
14:31 @57 for most of the first round then dropped to 52. Not strong today.
Thanks Adelle for the push.

Done Sunday – As rxd: 5:50. Shoulder presses just about did me in but I smoked the sit-ups

7:54 as rx’d – thanks Michelle for pushing me to take less rest time!

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