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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, May 3, 2008


1 round for time:
100 unders
90 back extensions
80 squats
70 sit-ups
60 lunges
50 push-ups
40 box jumps
30 wallballs
20 burpies
10 pull-ups

Coach’s notes:  Use 24″ for box jumps, sit-ups anchored or unanchored.  Wall balls 20lbs to 10′ and 12lbs for gals.  Burpies no push-up.  Post time to comments.

Compare to Sunday, March 30, 2008  

Comments: 18


I did dou.ble unders…..ooops

-Subbed Good Mornings w/ 25lb bar for back extensions
-Box jump @ 20?
-25 lb Wallball with target at 9?-6?
17:50….including 30sec run from basement to garage and back

Somehow my inches symbols (“) are turning into question marks ??

Some times what I say in inches also turns into question marks!

As rx’d 16:06 @ MRC they don’t mind CrossFit but you need to have a shirt on!


Substituted Extensions on Big Ball as equipment sucks.

24:15, including running between workout zones.

Great job all!


at cabin so had to make do with what was there!
sub’d 14″ box jumps and 22# ball thrusters instead of wall balls

18:17 in class

I did sit ups though wall balls with out having to break up the reps…however that nearly killed me and the rest of the exercises were tough to get through…that said I beat my previous time by 18 secs…not bad..


back extensions on ball
box jumps – 17″, second stair on front steps
wall balls – 40# DB thrusters

did this outside, felt good in breeze, neighbours curious

As Rx’d
Branden: 25:33

Assisted pull-ups
Elliot: 28:31

As Rx’d 18:38

After thinking about it, I’m pretty sure I missed ten box jumps due to another person counting.

swesley…I’ve worked out at the YMCA quite a bit and I find the equipment okay. What one did you work out at?

did Fran at crossfit cert in san diego. 6:47 as Rx’d

Hi kelter. I work out at the south and crowfoot. The crowfoot back extension equip is the one I have probs with. The south is good.

I find the rounded piece is too large so I can’t get full extension without using the shortest leg setting which puts too much pressure on my legs. Feels like they are about to break my femur! Unless I’m doing it wrong.

Where do you work out at?

Completed 21:30.
I admit to counting down…sorry about the 10 missed box jump!
Might have to do it next class! 🙂

The truth is that is where most of my concentration comes in to play…..counting is the hardest part. But my time was really good which made me think about what I had missed. You’re good to have around!!

swesley. I usually work out at Eau Claire and South both are pretty good and the staff and users are getting used to seeing CrossFit.

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