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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, May 23, 2009

In 12 minutes complete:

75 Wallballs

AMRAP Hang Power Clean

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs and gals 12 lbs for the wallballs.  Guys use 115 lbs and gals 75 lbs for the cleans.  Post number of cleans to completed to comments.

Comapre to November 29, 2009


Comments: 8

Wallballs in 4:10
62 reps of HPC as Rx’d. Thanks for the push Cory…

Wallballs in 3:20
63 HPCs as rx’d. Nice job catching up on the cleans!

WB’s: 3:40 w/ 14#
109 HPC’s w/ 75#

WB’s 3:45
57 HPC w/115#

WB’s in 3:27
55 HPC’s – probably pushed the WB’s a little too hard – struggled for air throughout the entire 55 HPC’s.

– Unfortunately forgot time for WB’s, but I know that it was quite slow. Must have been around the 4:30ish. Couldn’t get a rhythm going and had quite a few misses. Last 25 were the best of them all (used 8# ball)
– 38 HPC’s @ 43.5#

WB’s 5:14
43 HPC w/115#

Subbed 45# thrusters for wallball. Do you think roughly equivalent?

75 thrusters in 3:23
42 HPC.
Waaay too much resting between HPC sets.

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