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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Part 1 – 1000 m Row for time

Rest 5:00

Part 2 – AMRAP Hang Power Clean (use the same time as your row)

Coach’s notes:  Post time for the 1000m row and number of reps for part 2.  Guys use 120 lbs and gals 80 lbs for hang power clean.

This Monday, Victoria Day, holiday class schedule: Adult classes at 9:30am and 6pm (no other evening classes).  Kids at 4pm.

Comments: 9

Finally they hired a clean boy!!!

1000 M Row 3:34
Hang Power Cleans 120 @ 40 Reps

I am going to be sore tomorrow.

1,000m row: 4:15 (PR by 14 sec)
HPC as rx’d: 16
This was BRUTAL!!! 5 min rest after the row was not enough for me. Quads were still burning after I was done with the cleans. Cleans were definitely heavy at 80# and with cramping legs!
Thanks Taylor!

Nice job on the row PR Katrin. 15 off seconds is huge and is probably why the 5:00 rest didn’t seem to be long enough. another couple of minutes and the cleans would’ve been a different story.

Props to Doug, Cory, Darren, and Fuzzy too. well done on the rowing and cleans – can’t stress the importance of a hook grip enough in a wod like this!

Kris or Rhiannon, not sure who I should be blaming for this one!

Brett demonstrating the power clean…

OK, so that was lame, but what about the rest of you??? CFC members are being way too polite about today’s pic.

Michelle I think everyone is being polite because they are scared with what Brett will punish us with tomorrow!!! Personally, I am wondering what he is cleaning up.

Hey, I saw that kid on a fire truck downtown once! I think he was gong for a ride with his dad!!!

Hanging Power Cleans-48

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