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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clean and Jerk – 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes: Post load for all sets to comments.

Compare to February 8, 2011

Comments: 11

Worked up to 145 wasn’t feeling great so I shut it down. Did Jeremy as rx’d afterwards (21-15-9 OHS/Burpees) 4:26. PR by 32 seconds. Thanks Ali.

Worked up to 165lbs…a PR for me. Thanks Ali.

Worked up to 95# successfully. Tried 100# to get past my mental block, but it wasn’t meant to be. Still happy with the 95#, as it gave me a bit more confidence in my back.

Thanks a lot Ali!

Worked up to 89#
Happy that it was a PR but frustrated because my head got in the way today
Thanks Ali!!

Worked up to 145#. A PR for me.
140 was great but 145 was a bit messy. I was so excited to make it that I forgot to completely stand up after the split jerk.
Thanks Ali! Great job 9:30 class! Great job Olga and nice to catch up with you again.

Tied PR at 140.
Got clean but failed jerk X3 at 145
Cleaned 150 – PR

Worked up to 100#. Tried 105# a few times but it was a not go, need to practice getting under the bar on the clean. PR by 28# 🙂
Thanks for the advice Ali!

Worked up to 175# PR by 10#

hello CFC family… Brittany and I are hosting a house warming party tonight and would like to invite members of CFC. If you want to swing by for a paleo potluck starting at 6:30 our adress is 159 Dalcastle Way NW and if you have any questions give me a call at 991-6885

Should have rested today…
Worked up to 175 with lots of ripping it off the floor and little form, tried 195 and failed multiple times. Backed off to 135 to work on form and went back up to 175, tried 195 again, failed again. This movement need work… Thanks Ali and Chelsea!

155#,165#,175#,185#,195#,205# fail, 205# failed as I stood up

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