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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, March 29, 2008

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 push up

10 heavy KB swings

20 single leg squats


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 2 pood kettlebell (KB) or 75 lb dumbbell.  Gals use 1.5 pood or 55 lbs, or scale as needed.  Make sure to keep back neutral in the bottom of these swings!  If you cannot do single leg squats, substitute 40 squats.  Post rounds completed to comments.

Comments: 5

WOD done at Hotel in Edmonton

100 Double unders = 2:24
50 Push-up Burpies = 5:12
75 D/U’s = 2:31 (Lots of fighting with the rope on this one)
35 P/U B = 3:18
50 D/U’s = 1:39
20 P/U B = 1:47
25 D/U’s = :31

Time = 17:25
That seemed to go by much faster than 17.5 minutes.

8rds, 5 PU, & 3 KB swings
2 pood KB
First 4 rds of squats were 10 single leg and 20 normal
Last 4 were 16 single leg and 8 normal
(On one set I did 20 single leg but forget what number)
Used med ball for depth on all single leg squats

Steve, thanks for the heads up on where to see the Stann / Marshall fight… what a shot!

11 rounds

1.5 pood KB subbed for 2 pood
40 squats subbed for single leg. I attempted the single leg but I could not get back up! will have to work on it. This workout was much harder than what it seems.

Good job Mack on the single legs…and yeah that was a nice left hook!!

I modified quite a bit:
10 ring pushups
10 light “KB swing” using a 25lb medicine ball
20 single leg squats, full range but using wall for balance

8 rounds + 10 pushups + 10 squats

Found it was quite a strain on the hip flexor to keep the free pointing forward at the bottom of the squat. Going to feel those tomorrow.

10 rounds
40 squats subbed for single leg squats (those will take some practice)
This workout looked fine but it packs a punch.

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