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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, March 28, 2020

At Home WOD

A.  AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

60s Double Milk Jug Front Raise Hold
5 Strict Door Pull-ups

REST 3:00

B.  AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

15 Tuck Jumps
10 Basketball Rotations/Direction/Hand from Front Plank


Work to your heaviest in the following clean complex:

2 Hang Power Cleans/2 Squat Cleans/4 Front Squats

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete for both couplets in At Home WOD. Post loads for all sets of clean complex for WOD to comments.

WOD Leaderboard

Comments: 7

AMRAP 1: 3 rounds w/ 2 jugs + scarf rows
3 rounds w/ 1 jug + scarf rows
+ 1 min hold w/ 1 jug
AMRAP 2: 6 rounds exactly

Owie my shoulders…

Thanks everyone, so good to see people again!!

No idea how many reps or rounds, it was just so friggin’ fraggin’ amazing to workout with some of the Crew again!

Home WOD
A – 6 rounds with 20# KB on broom handle and ring rows on door
B – 6 rounds

Tough on the shoulders.

At home ZOOM WOD:
A. 5 rounds + 60sec hold
Used a broomstick with a 20# KB. Those were really broken up at the end.
Used a regular pull-up bar. All unbroken. Some pronated and some supinated.
B. 7 rounds + 15 jumps rx’d.
Tuck jumps all rebounding unbroken.
Used a basketball and two nice bottles of scotch for a little more incentive with the accuracy.
That was fun everyone!

At home Zoom WOD. The 1pm faces made it feel a bit like a regular Saturday at CFC!

AMRAP A – 6 rounds. Used a 10# weight on a broomstick and doorway pull-up bar (= incentive to put away the laundry that was hanging from it!)
AMRAP B – 6 rounds + 15 tuck jumps and about 10 rotations

At home zoom wod with friends ☺️
Part 1 amrap. 1 1/2 milk jugs for hold and 25 lb dB rows. Brett said that we all did 10 rounds so I’m going with that….he is the head coach after all!
Part 2 amrap. 15 tuck jumps and med ball around milk jug planks. Around 6 rounds. Trying to land soft like a ninja so the people below me don’t get too mad at me!
Thanks guys Look forward to tomorrow!

That was just fun guys!!!!!!! Thanks for joining in.

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