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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, June 27, 2009


10 minutes of double unders for reps

Coach’s notes:  Post number of reps for comments.

Compare to April 30, 2008


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Fri night w/o – worked on pull-ups.
# successful p/ups = number of blisters I got minus 5 (yep, one pull/up)
To make it worse, dreamt about them all night and couldn’t even get them in my sleep!
Tried to finish off with 10 min – 24″ box jumps / 25# db press – looked easier when the kids were doing it.
Overall – a crappy workout for me!

OPT’s WOD… “sparrows dozens”
12 rounds for time:
12 stiff leg DL (no touch n go)
12 jump and touch- max effort
12 push-ups
12 ball slams

33:13 with 65lb DL, approx 12″ jump, 9kg blue slam ball (not dynamax)

No_excuses, the pull ups will come. Just be patient.
You did get 1 though, next goal is 2!

correction… just measured jumps… 15″

Today was my first of my Metabolic workouts since the Qualifier. Ouch

3 rounds for time
400m Run
30-65# Thrusters (to Med ball)
30 Pull ups

Time for the run were off my better times, down hill out and uphill back made it tough.
Thrusters were broken into 15,10,5; 11,10,9; 10,10,11 (Hypoxia makes counting tough!)
Chin ups were 20,10; 15,10,5; 14,10,6

Too much rest between exercises!
Goal was 5min rounds for a sub 15, next time!

On this I averaged 4.6 sec/rep. Need to get it to 3-3.5sec /rep Assuming about a 2min run (Which is about where they were, first one was 1:32)

James’ “Sparrow’s Dozens” as described by motorkris above
Used 56# for DL, jumped as high as I could, push ups from knees other than the very first few, and 5kg ball for ball slams
This was hard for me as I am still struggling with endurance. I felt pukie half way through and couldn’t shake it until the end.
Thanks James for a great workout!

james’ 0930 class, as described above
75lbs for straight leg DL, all pull ups from toes although a few were not chest to deck as reminded to me by James. Ball slams 14# dynamax ball.
Great workout James.

Sparrow’s Dozens – 30:27

I used 95 lbs for the stiff leg DL, I jumped as high as I could touch on the outside wall above the garage door, and used 20 lbs for the ball slams. Pushups were broken to 9-3 or 8-4 after the first few rounds, and the jumps felt a bit slow. Ball slams probably got faster as the workout went on as I found a good rhythm to them. Definitely a great workout.

As above – 45lb bar + dark grey plates (can’t remember the weight of those ones) 11lb blue ball for ball slams and jumps were to the top screw above the medicine balls. Push ups were from toes for the first 1 and a half rounds only. Excellent workout and I love the name too. Thanks Shannon for counting and James for the great class.

Sparrow’s Dozens
85#, 20# medball

Turns out I have checked out Gym Jones website before, just didn’t remember it being called Gym Jones! Awesome programming, not to mention awesome photography.

Sparrow’s Dozensss
ML 62 DL, 5kg MB 31:26
D 80 DL 9kg MB 28:48
great fun James, thanks!!

OPT’s WOD… “sparrows dozens”
12 rounds for time:
12 stiff leg DL (no touch n go)
12 jump and touch- max effort
12 push-ups
12 ball slams

27:35 with 75lb DL, 9kg blue slam ball (not dynamax)

oops, 27:00

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