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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, June 21, 2008

1 mile run

Maximum reps walking lunges in 5 minutes

1 mile run

Coach’s notes:  Post time for each mile and number of walking lunges to comments.


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That is intensity!

My legs were a little confused when I started the second mile. They took a few hundred yards to figure out I was running again.

Mile 1: 7:10
Lunges: 176
Mile 2: 8:07

CrossFit Training! Was up in Grande Cache training weekend for the Canadian Death Race (125 km race with 3 summits and 17,000 feet of elevation change) we did the course running 100 km and mountain biking the other 25 km to give our legs a rest, not easy cycling even had a spectacular wipe out (over the bars!). I was worried my mileage was not up to where I wanted it to be but I should have not been worried. CrossFit training provides you with a great foundation and fitness level to do the extraordinary and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is the key in a race of this length. I would like to break the 19 hour mark this year, hopefully no broken toes along the way so this is possible.

Despite take yesterday as a rest day, my legs felt sluggish today. So I’m skipping this one and doing yesterday’s WOD instead. Posted result there.

19:36 total time @ OPT

1 mile: 6:30
5 min lunges: 208
2nd mile: 8:06

after the lunges I could barely lift my legs for about 400m then I could starting “really” running…I actually thought seriously about skipping this one…I admit the WOD made my stomach turn a little…but I got through it and happy I did it…


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