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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One round for time: 

100 squats

20 double unders

75 squats

40 double unders

50 squats

60 double unders

25 squats

80 double unders

 Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.


Comments: 9

As Rx’d
11:35. Has a few good stretch of DU’s without tripping & stumbling.

around 20 minutes….have to learn DU….counted my attempts….

Did it in 30:24. I was counting my DU as 1 not 2 at the beginning. Then I caught on.

Great workout Brett. Loved the challenge and the fact I was able to do DU.

Don’t forget the Kip event!:)

5 Peaks race day at Sibild Flats.
12th over all, 2nd in age group 40-49
Great day for trail running.

Have to do this WOD another day, looks like it would be great for DU training.

22:10 as rx’d – performed outside on some new mats on top of concrete. Should have pushed harder on the squats since my double unders fell apart and were mostly singles and doubles.

Did this one at the Y on Sunday
Adelle 16:47
Carla did this one and substituted rowing for DU
200m row, 100sq… ending with 1km row 28:15

Also did the 5 peaks with Giles
Rick had another 1st place in his new age class 50-59
Adelle second in age class 40-49 – 20th overall.
It was a great day out on the trails!

As Rx’d


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