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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In 20 minutes complete:

3 RM Power Clean

3 Sets of AMRAP Push Ups

Coach’s notes:  Post highest load reached for 3 power cleans and total for all sets of push ups.

CFC HQ is now hosting the Level 1 CrossFit certification that True CrossFit was to hold on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday August 16, 2009.  For more details and to register click here.


Comments: 6

Nice picture-crazy what an all out 1000m row can do to you-especially after a Strength session with Brett!!

CrossFit Kids Classes will be held this morning (845-930) at Arbour Lake Playground-across from Amaranth Foods.

Last 3 power cleans were 155×3, 160×3, 165×3
Push-ups were 47, 39, 38

Todd’s Partner WOD – good core workout – thanks Todd! Nice to meet you Ali.

Todd’s Partner WOD.

It was a fun workout!

Thanks, Carmen for being a great partner.

Ali, thanks for all the feedback!

Great class Todd!

cleans at 185, made one 205lb squat clean but failed after that.
pushups were 47,40,37

30, 26, 22

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