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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, July 11, 2020

150m bear crawl while your partner performs 100 mountain climbers, then switch.
150m walking lunge while your partner holds the bottom of a virtuous squat, then switch.
150m broad jump while your partner does air squats, then switch.  You need to complete 100 squats total before moving on.
150m Gorilla (two hand touch on ground) side shuffle (switch directions half way) while your partner performs burpees.  You need to complete 100 total.
450m run while your partner holds a front plank, then switch.
450m run while your partner holds a reverse plank, then switch.


Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 2

Holy crap. These are the workouts I need, that my body doesn’t want.
It was fun in sick kind of way.

I could keep going but I had no power/speed what-so-ever. I had to scale at the broad jump stage. (75m) I couldn’t stand seeing Nick suffer due to my terrible conditioning.

Freakin’ lunge hell. Went to the dark place on burpees. Felt good about that.
My core is still getting back into shape. My hop range still sucks. God, I hope that will improve.
My air squats were great but the squat holds were killer.
I was happy with my last run. I was actually running. Legs are starting to kick in again.

I’m not disappointed with my performance. I’m sensing small improvements.

Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone. Coming in last never felt so good.

Thanks for the coaching Derek!
Your commitment to excellence is appreciated.

Partnered with Pete for his first ever CFC workout. And he was a great partner! Took us 40 something. I scaled the walking lunges to about 100m (pretty sure with these little legs I did the same number of lunges 🤣 as everyone else) Did a few more burpees than Pete, as a sort of bribe/newbie gift 🎁 since this was an unusually cruel WOD! Thanks coach Derek M. Good work, everyone!

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