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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back Squat – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3


Coach’s notes:  Post load for each set to comments.


Compare to March 25, 2009  


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Congratulations to the CrossFit Calgary Affiliate team on making it to the finals. After an adding error in the 3rd event, CrossFit Calgary went from 13th place to 5th place and will be competing in the finals on Sunday!

Kuddo’s to Brett, Rob, Geoff, Laura, Michelle and Stacey on a job well done. We hope we can hear all of you cheering from Calgary for the individual event tomorrow and the finals on Sunday (both team and individual).


That is FANTASTIC news! Way to go!

Thank’s for the update and I’m glad the comment section is back up and running at the right time.
Way to go CFC… you are doing us proud as we knew you would.

Happy …excited….nervous…. and how are you guys feelings? PROUD?!!
Congrats, way to go! Incredible job.
There may be a slight “earthquake” with everyone jumping up and down here cheering. GOOD LUCK!!!!

I was so thrilled that you guys placed 13th, you can only imagine how I feel about 5th!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! I don’t know if I can sleep tonight from the excitement!

Congratulations team, awesome results! Rock it on sunday! GO CFC!!!!!

CF Kids class will be indoors at CFCHQ this am.

Congrats to our Team-You guys Rock and good luck to all competing today! We are so proud of all of you!!!

Awesome news! Way to go, team CFC!

Can’t wait to hear today’s results for all our competitors!

Great performance CFC team! Enjoy your rest day and continue to shine on Sunday.

Good luck to the CFC individual qualifers and happy birthday to Michael!

AWESOME!!! But as if we didn’t know you guys wouldn’t be. Give em hell tomorrow guys!



OPT 7th, OPT bro 8th



Lauren 23rd


OPT 7th, OPT bro 8th


Lauren 23rd

Results are from twitter.
I posted the links, but are awaiting moderation,


This morning’s WOD was also from the Affiliate Cup, modified such that both movements had 3 attempts:

North Pad Workout
3-rep Overhead Squat plus
Max total pull-ups in 3 attempts

1. Each team will have 20min to record the above efforts for all four athletes.
2. Each team will have one pull-up bar, one barbell, one rack, four 45lb bumpers, two 25lb bumpers, two 15lb bumpers, two 10lb bumpers, and four 2.5lb plates.
3. In any order, all four athletes must perform exactly three sets of max pull-ups. Pull-ups are standard ROM, and will be judged by middle of the neck reaching the height of the bar.
4. All four athletes perform the heaviest 3-rep overhead squat possible (as many attempts as they want within the 20min time limit).
5. The greatest successful loads lifted by each athlete are tallied, and added to the total reps for the 12 sets of pull-ups performed to become the team score.
6. The team with the highest score wins.

My score: 149

OHS: 90/105/115
Pullups: 11/15/8

Team score: 671

Congratulations Crossfit Calgary Team! You are all doing an amazing job and we are cheering you on!

Fun class today!
OHS 105/115/125
Pullups 16/14/14

GO Team CFC GO!!!! 🙂

OHS 100/115/125×2 + F crap, 125×2 + F damnit.
Pullups 30/27/20
= 192
Did anyone tally the scores to see which team won at 10:30?

I wish I was at the games… 🙂

Hello Everyone!! We rocked it yesterday so send us all your positive vibes!! Thanks for the words!

First time doing it! Worked on technique under Ali’s guidance!

Thank you, Ali!

OHS 55/65/75
Pullups 11/10/7

Good luck to Team CFC!

Sending my positive vibes to Team CFC! woot, woot! Way to go!

Congrats to the Team and the individuals. We have the Team in the final 5. For the individuals we have,
Lauren, DJ, Mike and James all in the final 16 for their respective gender. What a showing from CFC and OPT

Keep up the amazing work!!!

Congrats to all CFC/OPT athletes – outstanding performances!!!

D- max 130 for 3 ohs; Pullups 19/14/6 – thanks Rob and Todd.

Yeah!! Crossfit Calgary Rocks! Good luck tomorrow. We knew you were among the fittest best prepared group in the WORLD!! Have fun and kick butt!!

James, Mike, Lauren…think you are all in tomorrow. Way to survive today and make us Canucks proud. OPT and Crossfit Calgary are the best. Enjoy it, love it! Lots of cheering going on up here hope you can hear it down there…..

Katie you should be super proud….coming from an old person who is jealous of how many amazing crossfitting years you have ahead of you…awesome job…and your best is yet to come…in crossfit and hockey!

Katy apologize for spelling your name wrong.

Gave this one a try on my own:

OHS: 115/145/155/160
Pullups: 42/32/30
Total: 264

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