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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, July 10, 2010

1 round for time:


40 Box Jumps

35 Knees to Elbows

30 Thrusters

25 Power Cleans

20 GHD Sit-Ups

15 L-Pull-Ups

10 HSPU’s

5 Muscle-Ups



Coach’s notes:  Height for box jump is 24 inches.  Guys use 135lb for powercleans and gals 95lb, and 95lb and 65lb respectively for the thrusters.  Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to February 22, 2009

Comments: 5

looks like a good one…My WOD today is helping my mom move…fun stuff…

As rx’d except:
Thrusters – 65 lbs
Power Cleans – 95 lbs
HSPU – Purple through blue (too easy – do purple-purple next time)


Started muscle-ups around 22:00
took off shirt

scaled the following: 62 lb thrusters (should have done rx’d), 82 lb PC’s, 13 ghd and back wasn’t feeling good so did 10 regular sit ups to finish, 15 purple band strict PU in place of LPU’s, HSPU green/blue bands, 10 chin over bar PU and 10 ring dips (purple band) instead of MU’s.

Scaled the following: 52# thrusters, 72# power cleans, strict pull-ups instead of L-pull-ups, blue and 2 purple bands for HSPU’s (too easy), 10 chest to bar pull-ups & 10 ring dips for muscle-ups.
Rest as rx’d

Thanks DJ for your coaching and help with the HSPU’s.

Weight as required.
didn’t have rings for muscle-ups so I did 5 parallel bar dips.
Did this one on July 12 instead.

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