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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, January 8, 2011

7 rounds for time:

20 Shoulder Press

20 Sit Ups

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 75 lbs and gals 45 lbs for shoulder press.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to September 18, 2010

Comments: 16

24 Mins
Started with 65# for first round.
Remaining 6 rounds at 55#.

Fun work-out….

Did this one at home…

20:30 This was a tough one.
Started at 31# had to reduce weight after 3rd round!
Awesome job Katie! Fun class….Thanks DJ!

First 3 1/2 rounds with 65#
Scaled to 55# as I was only getting 2 consecutive reps..
This one was tough!
Thanks DJ

28:21 as Rx’d
Started with sets of 10-5 for push press, then down to doubles and singles.

18:25 as rx’d – I seem to have only one speed for sit ups.. That was a good one. Nice work everybody in the 9:30! Thanks DJ!
then because I need it..did work with Anita on bench press, strict pull ups and double unders. Now I’m ready to lie down.

23:23 as RxD
Did this one at home. Alot tougher than I thought going into this one.
SP Mostly 3s after the 2nd Rnd
Sit Ups UnBroken

As rx’d 21:53 felt slow. my arms were fried from all the push press last night!!

As rx’d – 22:17

Did the work out at home today: I
only had 20 lbs to work with, which explains my time: 16.13.

Did 4 slow rounds at home to test my back as requested by my therapist…
15:29 with anchored sit-ups
Sit-ups were fast, shoulder presses broken into small sets of 2-5 reps.

Scaled to 65 for all seven rounds. 17:45

Good beats today DJ!

Did @50lbs (2x25lb DB) at home.
lost count so I either did 7 or 8 rounds (did an extra round just to be sure)

2 days behind…skiing all weekend.
As rxd= 17:40

Did on Jan.11 Press from rack and anchored sit-ups 10:53 as rx’d.

Did this on Friday 01/14/2011
1st round shoulder press as rx’d
2nd – 7th round shoulder press 65#

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