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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, January 31, 2009

As Many Rounds in 20 minutes:

5 Clapping Push-Up

10 KB Swing

15 Med Ball Slam

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 1.5 pood and gals 1 pood for the swings and 20 and 12 lbs. respectively for the med ball slam.


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Comments: 3

As Rx’d: 11 rounds + 5 clap push-ups + 10 KBS + 7 ball slam
Glad my home made medicine ball (basketball filled with sand) survived the ordeal.

12.5 rounds (12 + 5 clap push-ups & 10 KB swings)

w/ 15lb med ball & 35lb DB

I subbed med ball slams with a 250m row and did push ups from my toes.
exactly 8 rounds.

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