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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, January 25, 2020

TT WOD – Partner:

In partners complete:

10 Synchronized Rounds of Cindy 

Then complete 2 rounds of:

20 Synchronized Clean and Jerk – 135#/95#

30 Synchronized Wallballs – 20#/14#

40 Synchronized Ring Rows


Partitioning as you see fit complete 3 rounds for time of:

6 Muscle-ups

12 Dumbbell Press – 45#/30#/hand

18 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans – 45#/30#/hand

24 Dumbbell Box Step Overs – 45#/30#/hand over 24”/20”

30 Two Foot Lateral Hops Over Dowel – 24”/20”

600m Row

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete each WOD to comments.

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Comments: 7

Scaled all DB’s to 35#
All else rx’d.
MU 4/2, 3/3, 3/3
DBP two sets each round
DBBSO – these were by far the worst part for me today. Wasn’t expecting that. Sets of 6-8 throughout.
LJ – 15/15 each round. Kept these fast. Everyone looked good on these at 10:00. Practice 🤔
Row – 600, 300/300, 300/300
This was great. Keep the choose your own adventure coming!
Thanks Kimmer!

39:32 Rx. So long and grindy haha. Step ups were somehow shockingly the worst part. Felt like I was sleep walking 😂. Thought it would be the shoulder press, but managed to get through them all in small sets. All else broken up according to my whim in the moment. haha. Actually scaled up the MUs to all strict, two sets of 3 each round. Been wanting to really work more on my strict work/strength. Total number was low enough today it made sense.
Nice work 10am! Thanks Kimmer!!!

34:20 with Susan

Synchro went shockingly well today as I’m usually not paying attention. Ha ha

Scaled Barbell 95(Jer) 65(Suz)

Thanks Kimmer!! Great job 9 am !

Suffer Saturday

9am Partner WOD with John-Noel
Time capped at 35 mins, completed 1 rep in the second round of clean and jerks (95#)

30# DB for all
Broke workout into 6 even rounds
6 C2B and 6 dips
6 DB press
9 DB hang squat cleans
12 DB box stepovers
15 2 foot lateral jumps 24″
300m row

Thanks Kim and great job 9 and 10 am’ers

WOD – 42:04
MU – scaled to 2 ring dips (with a little toe assist to get to top) + 2 banded C2B for each MU
DB Press – 20# all rounds
DB hand squat cleans – 20# round 1 in two sets broken up by one set of 30 lateral jumps, these felt really awkward so 15# round 2, 35# bar round 3
Lateral jumps – all rounds unbroken round 1 and 2 used 3 stacked 50# plates, round 3 added a 15# plate (or 25#?)
DB box stepovers – 20” + 20# round 1, right knee bugging me so 20” + 15# round 2, 24” no weight round 3. Broke these into 2 sets of 12 with 2 sets of 300m row

A hard one, for sure! Kudos to the crazies that did this after the partner WOD. Crazy!

Thanks, Kimmer

Had to work at 11 so I only did half.
Started at the bottom and worked up and did 3 half rounds.
MU: 2 banded dips/2 C2B
Step ups and Cleans @ 25#
Press @ 20#
Jumps @ 16”

Glad to have the work excuse because 1/2 the WOD was enough.
All you guys who did both WODs are bat-sh*t crazy!

Thanks Kimmer

Bar muscle ups
Single arm press – left side only
Hang power cleans
Box step overs -20”
Lateral jumps -20”
45# dumbbells for all
Oh and…the 600m row
Partitioned this based on whatever I felt like doing at the time. Sorely underestimated the cardio aspect of this as I’m pretty sure I saw my lungs crawl out and go hide in the corner at some point during the second round.

Thanks Kimmer!

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