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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Leighanne pre-Chloe

For time: 

Thruster Ladder 1-15

Coach’s notes:  For this WOD you must perform 15 sets of thrusters without breaking up the sets, however, you must set the bar down between each set.  In other words, perform the first set, which is one thruster by picking the bar up from the ground, doing the thurster and then returning it to the ground.  For the second set perform 2 thrusters, again starting from the ground and ending the set by returning the bar to the ground.  Continue in this fashion through 3, 4, 5, etc.  Remember you cannot break the set up.  For example if you are in round 10, you must perform all 10 reps without putting the bar back on the ground.  If you fail before rep 10 you must redo that set.  Thus rest as you see fit between sets so as not to fail.  Guys use 85 lbs and gals 55 or scale the load as required.  Heads up, this is 120 reps.

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Comments: 6

As r’xd 12:08


this was mentally tough…i failed set 14 and had to redo the set….


As Rx’d 19:08. Steve’s comment scared me, so I took a lot of rest after rounds 12-14 to ensure all would be unbroken.

pre WOD:
did L-pull up ladder from OPT’s site as rx’d- 5rnds + 4.
4-5min rest
Thruster ladder:
as rx’d 12:04
Found it really hard to determine how much rest to take between those last 3-4 rounds! I like these ladders!

as rx’d


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