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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, January 1, 2011

As many rounds in 20 minutes:

7 Ring Inverts

14 Box Jumps  24″/20″

21 Back Extensions

Coach’s notes:  Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Comments: 6

Cool stunt Rick. You can barely see the wires.

10 rounds+7+1, this one makes you dizzy. Touched the ground on each ring invert.

That was really fun, thanks Trevor.

Did 5 rounds and stopped due to tingling foot.

Thanks Trevor for a really fun class!

Did Thursday’s WOD and posted there

Sweet moves Rick! that’s a great pix!
10 rounds + 7+4 … unbroken *ring inverts from muscle-up spot
Thanks Trevor, great warmup and cool-down! those turkish whatever they’re called are tough!!!

10 rounds + 6
Thanks Trevor that was fun

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