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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, February 16, 2008


2 rounds for time:

21 Left arm DB Snatch

21 Barbell Thruster

21 Right arm DB Snatch

21 Barbell Thruster

Coach’s notes:  Guys use a 40lb DB for the snatch and gals 25.  For the thruster guys you get 95 lbs, gals 65 or scale as appropriate. 

CrossFit Calgary has added a Crescent Heights Outdoor class.  Check out the details by clicking here.

Comments: 5

23:46 25lb Snatch 30lb Thruster (w/ 15lb dumbells * no bar avail)

For Time
135lb Dead Lift
Time = 4:50
Hands and arms are messed up.

1Mile run tonight.

Seriously scaled: 10lbs dbell and 35 lbs barbell for thrusters…

20:03…tough workout…looked forward to the thrusters!!

This one looks like a killer……… so i decided to sub for 6 hours of snowboarding…… Does that count as crossfit????

1Mile Run = 6:04

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