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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, December 8, 2007



As many rounds in 20 minutes:


15 pull-ups

Coach’s notes:  For those that cannot do Handstand Push-ups yet try a scaled version.  Feet elevated push-ups or even better practise handstand holds on the wall for 5s/rep or a total of 25s each round.  If you are able to, do eccentric or lowering HSPU’s.  In other words, you place yourself against the wall and then lower down to the floor, kick off the wall, replace yourself back on the wall and repeat, only lowering each rep.  Those not kipping yet for pull-ups may also look for a substitution.  If you can do strict pull-ups, and if need be do some form of assisted pull-up, but not jumping pull-ups.  Post completed rounds to comments.

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