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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, December 5, 2009



Power Clean 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Compare to January 15, 2009

Coach’s notes: Post load for each set to comments.

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Good Morning CrossFit Kids

Sorry for the late notice but Coach Erin and I cant get out of our neighbourhoods to get to class-trust me we tried!

Make sure that you get outside later today (bundle up) and help your parents shovel-show them how to get a good workout on a snow storm day!

I apologize for any inconvenience. Regards, Coach Chantal

Audra you look far too happy in that picture!!! Worked up to 115lbs, mostly working on form. Then did yesterday’s WOD, 11:00 as rx’d. Thanks for all of the tips Rob and Michelle it was really helpful.

Worked up to 77#, with multiple repetitions at each weight to get more comfortable. Really worked on form today and trying to get more aggressive. That is definitely a work in progress!!
Thanks so much Rob and Michelle for all of your instructions, help, tips, etc.

worked up to 175 felt like my form improved
Thanks Rob and Michelle

Clean technique regressed since pre-surgery. Need to work on full extension. But strength felt good. Tabata mash afterward also included my first wall balls since shoulder repair.

WOD Snow removal RD’X
1:46min 26.2 seconds
is there something on the wall for that??
Stay safe!

Focused on technique up to 185#. Great coaching Rob!

My heart may have not been in the tabatas, as I wanted to keep cleaning. 🙂

Same as Cory focused on technique up to 165# (Ugly one)and failed second time.. good class thx Michelle and Rob.

Chantelle, Rob did the kids class!
Power clean practice to 115, not in the right mind set to continue for loads.
THanks Rob and Michelle for the tips on such a technical lift.

up to 170#. Good stuff rob, very helpful. Also love the “hit the hand” cue michelle.

tabata mash.
1/2 row, 11 cals all 4
wallball 14# (haha…)/OH lunge 35#, 9/9
1/2 row, 7 (3×8, 1×7)

Glad the recovery is going well Pierre.

Worked up to 165lbs, mostly working on form. Great coaching Rob and Michelle! Then did yesterday’s WOD, 21:52 as rx’d. Very Hard!

I’m avoiding met cons since it’s been so long since i’ve done one, so i did today’s WOD after classes. Worked up to 137.5#. for single power clean. Next two lifts were unintentional full squat cleans as I’m pretty sure I failed to catch above paralell…got to 142.5#. Nice work in the classes today everyone! Lots of focus on technique.

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