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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, December 13, 2008

3 rounds for time:

25 Calorie Row

50 Med Ball Cleans

75 Squats

Coach’s notes: Guys use 20 and gals 12 lbs for the cleans.  Post time to complete to comments.


Comments: 4

300 squats…gonna be some sore legs on Monday.

I used a 15 lb barbell as I don’t have a MB. Otherwise as rx’d. Good thing its -25 cause I won’t be able to walk normally for a few days anyway.


low on energy…but high on effort….where was everyone else?….by the way it is 375 squats…


sub’d med ball w/ 15lb flower pot cleans (10lb round ceramic flower pot w/ 5lb dumbbell inside).

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