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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, August 29, 2015

5 rounds for time(s):

20 Pullups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
3:00 Rest

Compare to November 14, 2014

Coach’s notes:

Post time for each round and total working time to comments.

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Puff dragons

Big crowd today again.

Teams of 2
100 cal row buy in -intervals of 25 cals
5 alternating rounds each
12 thruster-105/75
12 ctb chins

Teamed up with Curtis. (Team tall and small)
Time was 18:18
Great job Curtis

Puff Dragons …

Part A – Front squat… worked up to 275#

Part B – as above
Partnered with Justin
28:50 for time

Thanks Justin
Excellent work and fun times!

So bailed run club (yes Laura did make me feel bad) to retest Barbara….didn’t go to plan!
1: 5.35 – red/skinny purple for PU, scaled to 15 reps for push ups 10 strict and 5 the “weasel” (down strict up on knees to get going then strict for remainder of up)
2: 6.45!!!!! Way to slow! PU 2 red bands, “weasel” push ups
3: 5.16 – scaled each movement down by 10 reps, except push ups, 10 weasel, 5 from knees
4: 5.06 – push ups from knees
5: 5.29 – as last rnd
So bands were a lot harder (blue/red/purple last time) and push ups (all from knees and 15 reps last time), but had to scale MU her of reps to keep time reasonable………so not sure if that was an improvement or not!
Thanks Todd and Brett

Puff Dragons as above, team small and tall!
Thanks for partnering Gord, you killed it per usual.
Run club after, got destroyed lugging the 30lb wall ball through the course. Was definatly a fun one!
Thanks Laura and Gord!

Run club aka the “Tuscany Crusher”
A. Choose your WB and KB and carry it all the way to Wye Lake

B. 18 min amrap
25 KB swings
WB carry run up the big, ugly, never ending hill
25 WB squats at the top
WB run along the top pathway
25 WB shoulder to overhead
WB run down the hill to the lake
25 WB ground to over the shoulder
WB run back to the start and repeat!

This was a tough one but lots of fun! Most people got 1-2 rnds using some heavy weight, great effort! Thanks for planning Laura this, and for being our car Sherpa on the way home Gord!

Didn’t mean to make you feel bad about run club Alayne—both wods are hard! ?. When you hear about run club you may be happy about your choice!!!!

Partner PK in the garage gym
Between the 2 of you
100 back squats 205/155
100 Deadlifts 275/185
1 partner runs 400m while the other works and switch when partner A gets back.
Finished the Deadlifts at 26:52 Derek got back from his run at 27:10. This was fun!
B) 5 rounds
30sec airdyne
100′ prowler push 45# plate
20 box jumps 20″
Rest 2 min
Had to wear some tracks into the dirt/gravel in the back alley. First 2 prowler pushes were really slow and got stuck a few times.
C) strict T2B 10×5

Puff Ds with Christine!
My arse is sore from walking lunges…
Scaled C2B to regular kipping pull-ups.

Run (Walk) club!
Walked up the hill. Tried to run along the top… Failed! Shuffled down the hill. Sorta shuffled along the bottom. 1 round in 20:23. Rested a few then ran up/down once without the ball.

Went in to CFC to roll out my everything.

Got double MacD’d today!

4:06/4:36/5:11/6:13/6:20—total working time 26:26, PB for this one I think.
push ups went downhill round 4 and I tore on round 5.
thanks coach and todd.

Laura I was just teasing (sort of ?) and yes on the way home I saw the “hikers” up that really steep, stupidly long hill, and I was really pleased with my choice ?

Scaled to 10 (purple band), 20, 30, 40
4:43/4:55/4:58/4:56/5:20 – 24:52 total
Really tried to focus on my form
Thanks Todd!

Run club. As per Erin P.
Completed 1 round, then up the big, ugly, never ending hill with squats at the top before run/walk down. Great job everyone. Thanks Laura & Gord!

Scaled to 10/15/30/40.
Round 1. 5:57 Purple band for pu, 20 push ups (weasel- really liked this sub).
Round 2. 6:04, 15 push ups
Round 3. 6:21 added red band for pu
Round 4. 6:13
Round 5. 5:09… Apparently I busted my ass in the last round to finish

Thanks Todd and Brett

Total working time 27:32
Broke 5 rounds into subsets 8/12/16/20 …8/12/16/20 …4/6/8/10
Push ups were my limiting factor!
Thanks Todd and Brett!

Did August 30 at home
28:50 total 16:50 working

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