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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Michelle's split jerk

1 round for time: 


10 pull ups


15 pull ups


20 pull ups

Coach’s notes:  HSPU (hand stand push ups) are done with your hands on the floor and your feet against a wall.  One rep constitutes full extension to forehead on the floor.  If you cannot do a HSPU, try one of these 3 progressions (from easiest to hardest):

1.  Hold a handstand for 3 seconds for each rep.  For example, 20 reps equals a 60 second hold.

2.  Try lowering only.  Each lower equals one rep.

3.  Try partial range HSPU.  Gauge your height by using a measuring device (for example a stack of books or pillows) to ensure consistency with each rep.

The same goes for pull ups.  If you cannot complete all reps of pull ups, try one of the following variations:

1.  Assisted pull ups.  Use a gravitron or bands.

2.  Jumping pull ups.  Set the distance of the jump to the bar so that wrists are just above the bar while standing with arms extended. 

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