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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, August 21, 2010

As many  Rounds in 20 minutes: 

5 Power Cleans

20 Pistols


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 185#, gals 120# for the power clean.  Post rounds complete to comments.

Comments: 11

7rds + 3 power cleans as RXd
had time for the 8th round, but my legs were shaking so bad I could barely get setup for the cleans.

I lost count after round 1, but everyone seemed to think I had around 7 or 8.

Max is 115 so started out with 110 on the bar, dropped to 105, then 95, then back up to 105 and did the final round at 110, more of a mental block and just need to get comfortable with the weight quicker.

Great class Laura!

6 rounds + 1 power clean
Scaled to 95lbs. Used small box and a 10lb plate on top for pistols.
Thanks Laura for keeping me motivated through this one!

I lost count but I think I did 8 or 9 rds + 3 power cleans.
Pistols were not too much of a problem for me but I had to drop the weight really low due to shoulder (95lb) for the power cleans so I was concentrating more on form. Thanks Laura for the guidance.

6 rounds
*weight as rx’d
*pistols to a small box with a 10# plate and a 2.5#plate under my heel

Let it be known, I will be a master at pistols by the end of the year if it kills me!!!!

Feeling pretty bagged from work last night. Did DT instead: 12 Deadlift 9 HPC 6 Push Jerk at 100lbs for 5 rounds 9:47. Felt far slower then it should have been. Thanks for the encouragement everyone, it helped me finish the WOD when I was ready to tap out after Round 3.

6 rounds+4 power cleans
pistols as rx’d
Found the power cleans very difficult…it took all that I had to get the weight off the floor!

6 rounds + 5 power cleans
Scaled cleans to 85# (will try more next time)
Scaled pistols – small box + 2 10 # plates
Worked on handstand push-ups
Thanks Laura and Michelle!

Did the Farmer’s walk WOD
35# plate per hand (mine have little handles)
Burpees subbed for manmakers cause no DBs.
17:32, wow that must have sucked as Rx’d.

6 rounds + 3 power cleans
Power cleans scaled to 85#
Pistols scaled to small box with two 10# plates
Really preferred doing pistols like that vs the band. Felt like I was using the right muscle groups rather than pulling up with my arms. Doing them like this and decreasing the height of the box might actually get me to do them as rx’d one day!
Thanks a lot Laura!!!

4 rds + 5 cleans @ 155#. Was trying very hard to do a good power clean without a split with tlaw’s help. Laura and Ali were also very helpful.
Spliting I can handle more weight, but it gets dangerous when it gets close to my max. since once you are commited there is no way out. Need to work on the speed to get under the bar with the two legs together.
Did also 10 min of “Nate” with Brent : (2 muscle ups (jumping for me) + 4 HSPU (figured out the kipping ones) + 8 KB swings 2pood, first time doing that weight).

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