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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, April 24, 2010

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

10 Pull Ups

10 Wallballs


10 Box Jumps

Coach’s notes:  Pull ups must be chin over vertical plane.  20 lbs and 14 lbs for wallballs, 115 lbs and 75 lbs for SDLHP and 24″ and 18 ” respectively for guys and gals.  Post rounds and reps complete to comments.   This is the CFC Affiliate Team try out final WOD – the Grinder!!

Comments: 5

6 rounds + 10 pu + 10 WB + 6 SDLHP as rx’d. First time doing pull-ups where I’m breaking the vertical plane over the bar. Grazed my chin a couple of time.
SDLHP at 115# very challenging (for me anyway) and slowed me down a bunch.
Good workout!!

4 rounds + 10 PU + 8 WB as Rx’d.
SDLHP felt very heavy, couldn’t do a set of 10 straight though.

Great job everyone this morning. Good luck this afternoon to everyone at the tryouts. Filthy Fifties as rx’d 23:30, big thanks to Ali, Sarah and everyone else for cheering me on at the end. Definately helped push me through the wallballs and burpees. Pretty happy as this is a PR by 1:41.

Great work to everyone who went out for Team CFC.
Congrats to the 2 Taylors, Blaine, Ali, Stacey and Rebecca.

Verrry tough day of wods, but it was a good experience and challenge – thanks for having me. Way to go Taylor, Blaine, Rebecca and Stacey – Judging from your performances you will all do amazing in Okotoks. Thanks to Ali, Kris, Taylor and Lindsay for the support -it helped a lot.

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