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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, September 29, 2008



As many rounds in 20 minutes:


5 Ball Cleans

10 Pistols

15 Double Unders


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 and gals 12 lbs. for the ball cleans.  Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Comments: 12

8 rounds plus 5 cleans

As Rx’d (!!)
12 rounds + 5 cleans + 10 pistols.
Last time I tried pistols, I could not keep my heel on the ground without falling backward. Today, to my surprise, I was able to do proper pistols! Must be all the back squat I’ve been doing.

14 rounds
had to modify the pistols. Used the ball to squat to and lifted my heel…I think that was to aid my balance? Thanks Trevor!

17 rounds
Never done pistols before so they were modified, squatted to a low bench and tried to work on getting lower and lower.

This WOD should definately be called MICHELLE.
This was pretty tough one for me…7 rounds plus 10 pistols (stood on box and counted attempts, if i touched down plus counted attempts on DU’s). thanks for the coaching Trevor!

Judy 7 rounds plus 5 cleans, 10 pistols – band assisted pistols

Laura- 14 rounds- held on to GHD machine for pistols

You’re too generous with your comments Chantal. Thanks to the 10am ladies and Trevor for letting me join them. Everyone pushed themselves so hard on this one!
14 rounds
pistols as rx’d,
14# ball

not as rx’d

9 rounds….had to hold a squat rack to get into proper pistol depth…took my time to get all the way down…first time not as rx’d in a awhile….add pistols to list of things I need to work…

13 rounds with 14lb ball

9 rounds modified to accomodate gym..did box jumps instead of DU’s and never done a pistol before so I worked on form and held onto machine to get low…used 13lb ball for wall balls

8 round + 5 BC + 10 pistols + 11 DU 7kg med ball
DU’s are getting better still was only strining 2-5 together….

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