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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, September 21, 2009

As many sets as possible in 25 minutes of:

Ascending, unbroken Chest to Bar (C to B) Pull Ups


Coach’s notes:  For this WOD you first do 1 C to B pull up.  You must then come off the bar.  You must then do 2 C to B pull ups and come off the bar and so on adding one rep each set (ascending).  You can rest as long as needed between sets.  If you break up any set (in other words come off the bar before all reps are done) you must repeat that set.  Post number of rounds you reach to comments and if any sets were broken hence redone.  

Comments: 21

9 rounds completed + 9 reps (trying for 10) as rx’d… fastest 25 minutes of my life!

After 4 day unintended rest, I really needed a boost work-out…so I did yesterdays WOD in 28:55 as rx’d

The sandbag hill run at the Games was awesome. It was cool being so close to the action and even cooler that the CFC crew rocked it!

12 rounds time went by really quickly and made my arms feel like Jelly

Wow – hard stuff!

Smooth sailing till round 11 – failed at 9. Made it second attempt. Round 12 good, round 13 good, then round 14 looked something like this – 3 failed, 7 failed, 6 failed, 9 failed, 9 failed – and my grip was done!!!


Completed Round 8. Attempted round 9 and failed w/ 8 reps. 2nd attempt failed w/ 7 reps.

This was frustrating. It is one thing to hit a wall and have to stop. It’s a whole nother thing to hit the same wall over and over and over.
I could get the bar to the bottom of my neck on rep 8 every time but whatever muscles I needed for the last inch had lost interest.

1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 I did these without a band which is new for me. My goal was chin to bar. I had no idea I could do so many.
The 8th rd was questionable. Most reps were only eyes to bar.

blue band assisted – chin over bar

got to round 10, failed at 7 in round 11, out of time

More blue band PUs than I’ve ever done in one work out before. First time to 10 in a row

12 rounds by about 12:30 on the clock. Had a couple pretty good tears. Debating quitting, switched grips and did rounds 13 and 14, made those tears pretty darn big. Limiting factor here was hands, not grip or the movement. Around 9 this started to get pretty darn tough though and I had to get some rest in. Wish I had taken care of my hands the last few days so I could have continued this one longer

Neil 8 rounds
Judy – blue band assisted 10 rd plus 7, tried for 11 again and got 9.. ran out of time

1/2/3/4/5/6/7 then looked like this… 5/5/3/3 .. as rx’d though!
Karen, Lindsay you guys did so awesome!! Karen, seriously nice work!!! oh and Blaine – you too – actually everyone, nice job!
Thanks Brett

9 rounds +4 +2, like Taylor limiting factor was my hands getting ripped up. Did some strict pull-ups afterwards because I was a little frustrated. Will have to toughen up the hands!

11rds + 5. Run out of time. bad time management. I know I had more in me with appropriate rest

Well…5 rounds and then just practiced! Good job Krista!

Excellent job Krista! I knew you’d do C to B.

10 rounds + 10

I finished round 9 at 9 minutes in, but 5 reps in to round 10 I felt the skin start to shift up at the base of my pinky. I dropped down and found a big chunk pulled up. I tried switching my grip, which was hopeless, and applying a lot of tape to keep it in check for a couple more rounds, but I only managed to get the round of 10 done after that. I tried one last set with a fingertip grip on the bar to get 11 and stop Alvaro from yapping, but it wasn’t to be…

Since unassisted chin-ups are still new to me, I decided to practice those. Previously had only been able to link 4 together.
Today did 1,2,3,4,5,6, then did 6 of the next round and just couldn’t get that last one because of grip failing. Tried again later, but could only get 2 more. Just couldn’t hang on to the bar anymore.
Left the gym with a big grin on my face and 3 tears.
Thanks so much Brett and amazing job everyone!!!

9 rnds + 8 chin over bar.

I haven’t done pull ups for a while now. Previously I had done a total of 3 chest to bar (not in a row), but I couldn’t do a single one anymore, so I did regular pull ups. I think I have a grip problem. I got up to round 9 but kept slipping off the bar after that. Trying to regrip meant spending more time hanging which made it worse.

Did a kipping PU for the first time during warm up, so the day was a success no matter what.

Blue band assisted. Made it to round 8. Did 6, failed, then did 4 and failed. My arms felt so swollen and heavy, but I was happy none the less!

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