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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, September 20, 2010

A.  Front Squat and jerk  – 1.2 reps x 6 sets, rest 2:00

B.  Power Clean  – 2 reps x 6 sets, rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for all sets to comments.

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All the best wishes for a wonderful future!

Carefull I am coming!!! I crushed into everything that day 🙂 Fun memories

A. 65/65/70/75/80/85
B. 75/80/90/95/100/105

Did Front Squats the other day so only did Part B
B.) 75×3/85×3/95×3/105/115/120/125/130
Rested for a bit then did 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 SDLHP Push Jerk @ 55lbs 6:34.
Thanks for a great class Brett, it was packed this morning.

A. 155… Felt good and ties my 1rm pr
B. 145… These were tough today

B:95/105/110/115f/115f-ran out of time.
Weights and eyelids felt heavier today. Fun class today with lots of great numbers- thanks Brett! Kevin, thanks for encouraging me to try the 115 again, I’ll get it next time for sure!

Oh, I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS to Brittany and DJ- you are a fantastic couple!

Congrats Brittany and DJ!!
A: 65/75/85(f)/80/85/90(f)
B: 65/75/85/95/105(f)..out of time
I agree with Katie, it all felt heavy today!

A.155/165/175(fail)/165/165/165 lots of trouble switching from the front squat due to pain in the forearm

B. 165/205/215/225/225/235 need to work on the hip re-bend after the pull and quicker elbows on the clean

A. 45/55/60/65/70/75 – not getting under bar and, feet are too sumu like (wide).
B. 65/70/75/80/82.5/85
Thanks Chantal….. great coaching and, really good to have the group warm up.

A. 115×2/135×2/145×2/155×2/165×2/175×1/180×1 (PR) after 2 failures. Had to rest after the front squat
B. 135×2/145×2/155×2/165×2/175×1/180×1 (PR)

Everything felt light today! Just honoring the picture today 🙂

A: 105/115/120/125(1.1)/125/115 – at 125 I was not getting full extension on drop so went lighter and practiced
B: 110/115/120/125/130X1/130/135 – PR for 1 or 2 RM

A. 75/ 85/ 95/ 105/ 115/ 120
B. 75/ 95/ 105/ 115/ 125/ 135
Thanks for the great group warm up Chantal!

A: 135/155/175x1x1x(f)/175/155/155
B: 135/155/175×1/175×1/155/135×6

Also did yesterdays WOD and posted there.

Stacey, shoot me your email if you get a chance.

A. 125/135/140(f)/140/145/150(f)
B. 125/135/145/150(f)

Well done hulk

A. 45/55/60/65/65/70 (PR for jerk)
B. stayed around 55lbs to work on tech.
Great warm up Chantal!! thanks for the help

A. 95/115/125/135/140/145
B. 95/115/135/140/145/155(failed on second rep)
Thanks for the warm-up Chantal.

A: 55/65/75/85/95/100
(notes to self: did slow squats, trying to maintain form; seemed to go pretty good today)
B: 65/75/85/90/95/100 x1 only (1RM PR)

Thanks Chantal! Great warm-up; it’s nice to change things up!

A. 135 (x1 only)
B. 130 as rx’d
Thanks Brett! Awesome class as always – nice to see so many people! great numbers above!! Alvaro, nice!
Britt & DJ, congratulations!! Hope you had an amazing day!!

congrats on all the PR’s people!

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