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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, September 12, 2023

Every 5:00 x 5 rounds:

12/15 calorie assault bike/row/ski
12 hang power cleans (95/135 lb)
15 lateral burpees over the barbell
12 alternating front-rack lunges (95/135 lb)

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete each round and total working time to comments.

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Comments: 6

I flew too close to the ☀️… And it burnt!

Tried to keep all bike times under 40s. Ended up doing all, but the last in 20ish seconds. The last finished in just under 40s to see if I could maybe recover some time on the back end of the workout.

R1: 1:30
R2: 2:00
R3: 3:01
R4: 3:38
R5: 3:10

Total: 12:49

Thanks Derek. Have fun!!

Used the Echo Bike and 135#
2:33 (-4)
2:45 (-12)
3:19 (-34)
3:47 (-28)
I thought it would be bad, and it was worse. Hit the wall in round 4. Burpees crushed me.
Thanks Ari!

That sucked!
First two rounds at 115# then stripped it down to 105#.
Didn’t keep track of round times, other than I used almost the entire 5:00 on the last round. I waited at least a minute before finishing off the lunges.
Thanks Ari!

3:30 rounds +/- 5s except for last round at 3:39
Scaled just right for me today!

Thanks Z!

Scaled everything to 12 / 65#
Sweaty event
Thanks Zak

Scaled to 75 lbs on the barbell, felt like the right scale for today.

Round 1 – 2:51
Round 2 – 2:57
Round 3 – 3:17
Round 4 – 3:17
Round 5 – 3:12

Super spicy one today. Thanks Zak!

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