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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, October 5, 2009

7 rounds for time:

10 Med Ball Cleans

10 Burpees

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs and glas 14 lbs for med ball cleans.  Catch must be full squat.  Burpees must have full extension and clap overhead while in the air.  This one should be fast.

Notice – Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on Mon. Oct. 12 the holiday class schedule will be in effect.  The 9:30 am and 6:00 pm classes will be available for member or drop in attendance. 

Comments: 29

Quick and dirty…as rxd: 6:38

old guy- its 7 rounds! ha (jk)

12:53 as rx’d… 1:30 improvement over last time… my normal burpee speed was only half speed this morning, but the med ball cleans felt easier than ever… cant have it all i guess

As rx’d 13:29

11:48 as rx’d … legs felt like lead but pushed through anyways! Thanks Kris – great class! nice work on warmup and explanations…

7:30 as rx’d
tougher than expected

15:34 as rx’d
Great class, Kris!

8:53 as rx’d (men)
Thanks Kristof, for your encouragement this morning.

Motokris I did 7 rounds…ha!

As prescribed
Had enough jam left to speed through last set of burpees so maybe I cruised a little too much for the rest of it.

11:50 as rx’d – That was tough – quads were yelling at me. Way to go Anita and Chelsea! Krista, I actually was close to you on that one!

Oops, thanks Brett!

11:10 ish??? Somewhere just over 11 minutes….
Thanks Brett!

8:33 as rx’d. Thanks Brett, good class.

9:27 as rx’d

Press, 65×5, 75×5, 85×5, 95×4+F (wtf), 95×3.

6:51 plus time delay from squirrly clock, ~ between 8:25 and 8:45.
Wanted sub 7! I want to re-do this. : )

9:23 as rx’d. Thanks Brett, good class.

13:24 as rx’d.
Don’t think I could have gone any faster. Quads were burning.

9:09 as rx’d.

Was definitely way tougher than I expected. I will do this one again soon!

Alvaro, I don’t think anyone prescribed those BS non-burpees of yours with the cushy pillow to protect your delicate knees! 😉

11:54 as rx’d.

I think this was the first time ever that med ball cleans felt way worse than burpees. After the squat workout from Saturday destroyed my glutes and hams, I could barely manage 3 med ball cleans in a row.

9:42 RX’d

10:07 as Rx’d

15:50 as px.

As Rx’d: 7:38, then the twitchy legs dance.

Cory let me help you with your math: 11:54 – 9:23 =2:31 min
That pretty much gives me 2:31 min to sleep with my head on the pillow while I wait for you to finish this wod!! and Brett’s words were:”alvaro, you might be onto something with that technique!!” 🙂

I’ll hit this one harder next time…

Alvaro, you’re welcome to continue doing completely different workouts “as rx’d” for PRs, but there’s more to a movement than just range of motion! Technically, pullups and jumping pullups can move through the same ROM, and no one considers them equivalent movements! 🙂

It was allowed as a valid burpee at the qualifier!!!
And I will do this one again with regular burpees only for you! and some others that made some comments about the pillow! (Mack and Don!) 🙂
This discussion is a present for Blaine that always enjoys them!

That was a hard workout. Thanks Katie for being next to me so that I can attempt to keep up (Ha!)
12:00 as rx’d
Thanks Brett for the encouragement!

I wouldn’t go so far as to redo the workout, but in the future consider the intent of the workout rather than trying to outsmart it. You’re only cheating yourself!

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