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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, October 4, 2010

A.  Snatch – 2 reps x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

B.  Clean and Jerk – 2 reps x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

C.  Front Squat – 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, rest 90-120 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Only use 75% of your 1 RM for all sets in A and B.  Work on technical execution of the lifts.  Increase the load in C and post all to comments. 

Comments: 18

I’m glad I attended this class…greatly appreciated, thanks Erin.

Chelsea and Krista great technique.

A. 52lbs (less than 75% but really wanted to practice technique)
B. 3 sets at 85 and 2 sets at 90
C. 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 140

A. 32 – really need to practice this movement alot more – feet too wide, shrug is shrugless…
B. 42
C. 75/85/90/95/100 Thanks Chantal!
Thanks for being my workout buddy, Sarah.

A.) 82 x 4 sets
B.) 95/95/105/105
Was feeling tired today so decided to call it there. Thanks for being my workout buddies Krista and Katie. Great class Erin.

A. 25lbs, more reps
B. 60 lbs, cleans felt good
C. DNF, ankle objecting
Thanks Chantal!

A) 75
B) 135
C) 185
Judy – practiced

A. 105
B. 150
C. Didn’t have time!

A. 70 lbs for all 5 sets. Fixed my “knee issue” thankfully! (thanks David and DJ!)
B. 105 for 3 sets (bending early for some reason)….dropped to 95 for last 2 sets
(thanks Blaine!)
c. ran outta time so I bailed on this one…
Thanks for all the help tonight guys….I appreciate it!

A. 97
B. 135
C. Went up to 185#, Jumped to 200 and failed, tried 195 and failed, got 190#(PR) and called it a day.

C) Got to 265 then ran out of time

A: 42 or 52…Krista which one??
B: 95
C: 115×2/135×2/145×2/155×1/165×1/170×1
Did part A and B this morning..awesome class and coaching Erin, thanks! Thanks Krista and Chelsea..I always learn a ton from you two!
Part C was done tonight- Krista thanks for the motivation and very helpful tips! Thanks DJ for checking on my form!

A. 85#
B. 135#
C. 95/115/135/155(F)/155(F) Ran out of time to complete a successful attempt to finish the day.

Katie … You did 52 lbs for A.
A. 62 # for all 5 sets – I need more work on this!!!
B. 105 # all sets
Ran out of time at 9:30 … Came back at 6 for C
C. 115×2/135×2/145×2/155×1/165×1/175×1/180×1
Katie, you did great in both wods! Chelsea thanks for partnering too!
Erin, great class this am!! DJ great class tonight!!! Great to hit an evening class!

Nice front squat Krista!!!!

A. 75 x 5 sets
B. 102.5 x 5 sets
C Worked up to 165 could have done more but ran out if time

A: 57# for all sets; staying at the same weight was great! Felt like I got a lot out of it!
B: 72# for all sets; felt great, but need to improve speed
C: 75×2/85×2/95×2/100×1/105×1/107.5 (f); fought hard to keep back from rounding out; was somewhat successful

Thanks a lot DJ for all of your pointers; I learned a lot tonight!!!

It sure was a very entertaining, yet slightly dangerous class at 8PM! 🙂

A. 105#
B. 115#
C. 115/145/165 x 2 185/205/215 x 1

A: 115 x 5 failed and corrected a few
B: 155 x 5 then worked on speed with 135 for the remainder of the time.

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