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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, October 26, 2009

(Behind the neck) Jerk  1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes:  Catch in a power or split stance.  Post load for each set to comments.

See how this compares to taking it from the front September 28, 2009 and July 1, 2009.

Comments: 19

Worked up to 77#…thanks Brett for the good coaching

Worked up to 110 lbs … few times during jerks form felt off .. went down then worked back up again.. first time doing behind the neck jerk’s
Thanks Brett!

210 lbs.

Thanks Gord!!

225 lbs.

Thanks for the class Gord

45/55/65/75/85/95(f)/95/105 (fx2)

Did split stance
Kept trying 150 because first two fails were due to wimping out on split depth.
Front split pb 130
Front jerk pb 135
I liked this WOD because I got more weight overhead than ever before.


*split jerk


It’s true, I really did fail on 215 5 times. 205 went up so strong, and all 215 attempts were so close. But I guess 210 is my max today. Cool variation on standard split jerk!

worked up to 125

Thanks Gord for a fun class!

Split Jerks, 65,75,85,95,105,115,

Lifted 125 but forgot to stand upright!

255 felt really easy, just got lazy on 265 and it was already a half hour into the next class so I didnt bother trying again. Great progress though from 225 in front for split jerk last time. Thanks for the coaching Brett

215, 225(f)

up to 170, failed twice, got it on the 3rd try.

Never done heavy jerk before, this was a lot of fun. I Felt like a tiny little Josh Everett out there.

Can’t wait to be strong.

135/155/165/175 pressed it so i did it again/ 175/195/215

Didn’t work up to a 1RM as I was quite sick for the last 4 days. I did multiple reps at each weight and only increased to 72#. I just needed to get out and get moving, but didn’t want to overdue it as I am still not feeling 100% well.
Thanks Brett for coaching and also sharing your new knowledge from the rowing cert!

Failed at 175 four times. Got it in the fifth attempt. failed at 180.

Neil – stayed light at around 135-140 worked on doing 4 splits jerk reps at a time at the lighter weight as form deteriorates once I get up to around 155+, good shoulder workout on eccentric phase of lowering the weight each time. Swithed my dominate foot from right to left and still working on balance and keeping on my toes with the trailing foot.

Alyssa worked up to 82# and probably could have gone higher but was spooked a bit by dropping the bar on her shoulder. I told her she shouldn’t do that any more and she didn’t…


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