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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, October 18, 2010


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:

225 lb. Deadlift

Hands Stand Push-Up (HSPU)

Coach’s notes:  Gals use 155 lb. deadlift or scale as appropriate.  HSPU’s are done against a wall with forehead touching the floor on each rep.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to June 5, 2009

Comments: 16

Deadlift Rxd
Hands Stand Push-Up GREEN band assisted.

The above picture makes me laugh- I fell on the ground after the wod (as usual) and closed my eyes, only to open them to find John and Amanda rowing directly above me! They were very focused- I had to slither out of their way.
Today’s wod..14:33- dl as rx’d, hspu – just a lower to the abmat. Very impressive work in the morning class with Erin, Michelle and Rebecca doing this as rx’d- wow! Nice job!

Deadlift 135 should have tried for the 155.
HSPU on wall with ab mat. Last set became lowers, not able to push up.
Great job everyone in am class.
Thanks Brett, Michelle, Erin and Rebecca for the help today!

I was in remedial cross fit today when I kicked Chantal….
After the WOD I did yesterday, my coordination was lacking.
135 dead lift and the strangest combinations of HSPU ever! Next time, I want a helmet.
Thanks Chantal and 5:00’ers.

12:14 with green-blue HSPUs.

Deadlifts were pretty easy, with only the set of 15 broken 10-5. HSPUs were slow even with the bands.

15:41 dead lift as rx’d HSPU’s with band
I have to say I was in Yasmin’s remedial class as well after yesterdays wod

Deadlifts as Rx’s, HSPU scaled to lowers to abmat.

7:07′, half rx’ed. 155#, and HSPU’s to 1 abmat against wall.

7:47 with green-blue bands for HSPU and 225 for the dead lifts

Thanks Chantal. I know I can’t be the easiest person to help up on the bands

Just did it!!!, in a million minutes (22min). At least did the full weight.
The wod was so slow that decided to do another wod designed by Taylor
1000 m row + 30 bench presses @ 75% of max (115#) and 10 burpees everytime the bench presses had to be broken. Ended up doing 50 burpees (15BP + 10burpees + 3 BP + 10bps + 3 BP + 10bps + 3 BP + 10bps + 4 BP + 10bps +2 BP)

15:41 as rx’d crown to floor, not forehead to floor.
Fun to join the class this morning! I appreciated the push to finish up the last set of HSPUs!!!
Thanks for encouraging me to do this one Brett…You were right!

Haha, Katie that picture is great “If I hide here Brett won’t see me and make me row again!” Wasn’t feeling very good so did some light work. 50 Double Unders 20 Unbroken Wallballs @ 16lbs NOT for time. Great job today everyone.

Not my day and definitely NOT my kind of workout! YIKES!!!
First 21 DL @ 155#. Did one rep of the 15 at 155# and decided it would be better to go down in weight to be able to keep my back safe. Scaled to 135# for the remaining reps.
HSPU’s with two purple band on bar and one purple for harness. Tried against the wall to lower to abmat, but got freaked out by the position; I am way too used to the bands now. I did attempt with just one purple band on the bar, but that was just too unstable.

Thanks so much Taylor for all of your help!

10:35 As Rx’d

HSPU really died quick on this one. Down to singles way sooner than I had hope for. First set of DL’s in a long time and they felt ugly.

14:29 as Rx’d

HSPU’s were slow. Must learn how to kip them or lose about 50lbs.

17:15 scaled
– 135# for deadlifts. Could’ve gone heavier, but I’m always paranoid about loading my back too much and hurting it.
– green band for HSPU

Thanks for the help Chantal!

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