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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, November 9, 2009

Work up to heavy 1RM shoulder press with a 15min time limit.  (Warming-up not included in 20min working time)
Rest 5 minutes
Row 2k
Coach’s notes:  Post your 1RM shoulder press and row time to comments.
Rememberance Day holiday is next week, thus the class schedule will be in effect.  On Wed. Nov. 11 the 9:30 am  and 6:00 pm classes will be available for member and drop in attendance.

Comments: 35

75# RM & 9:09

87.5 lbs – failed at 90 (ugh!!! next time!!!)
8:54 *note to self: could have pushed a little harder*
Great class though as always! thanks Brett!

7.28 row (1st 800m were at 1.42, 1.43; 800-1100m was at 1.50; settled into 1.58 for 1100 to 1900; then back to 1.42 for the last 100m; bracketted info is just for me in the future)
thanks brett for talking me through the wod.

You know we just did a row on Saturday, right? This is unnecessarily cruel…

I did 2 500m rows at around my 2k pace at lunch, and they both felt terrible! Now I have to dread this for the rest of the afternoon.

my first ever crossfit ‘workout of the day’:
105lbs – shoulder press 1RM
8min43sec – 2000m row, damper at 7

I agree Cory. I am not rowing, period! Rowing cost me the 9th place on Saturday. 🙂

Coach’s notes: Post your 1RM shoulder press and row time to comments.

Alvaro no where does it say post complaints, and excuses hahaha

10:19 row 2k

135lb shoulder press

7:22.6 2000m row. Damper at 7.

15 min 1 RM = 92.5 (95fX2)
PR after weeks of targeted training was 97.5
Usual max is 95

Rowing hurt all over so I just Alva-rowed – 8:17
PR is 7:53

PR on the press 1RM 145. I was feeling 150 if I had another attempt.
Row in 7:26
Have to check but that is up with my best times. Still fighting through the headaches!!! Son-of-a!

72.5 for the press, a pb for me
9:32.9 for the row, I have definitely done this one faster.
Great class and lots of encouragement with the presses. Thanks everyone.

60lbs. Failed 3x @ 65lbs.
My shoulder press was terrible tonight. I’m having a lot of discomfort in my shoulders today. Must be from Saturday’s wod.

8:39 damper @ 5
This is a new PR for my row. After Trevor’s feedback on my spastic rowing on Saturday I decided to get more serious about my technique today. I reviewed a few rowing tutorials online and practiced for my warm-up. It felt like the most gentle yet effective row I’ve done so far.

Neil – SP 120 lbs, row 8:20.2 damper 4
Judy – SP 42 lbs, row 9:10.8 damper 6

Worked up to 75lbs and then with 15 seconds left tried 80 and failed (next time). Carmen, thanks for sharing with me, congrats on beating your PR on that one!
8:25 row. That was hard. At the end of my rows, my legs seize up – can anyone offer any reasons as to why this happens?
Judy, it was great to see your smiling face – welcome back!

First time doing a heavy shoulder press 65/75/80/85 failed twice at 90. Row 7:51.6 damper @ 7. Felt like I had way too much left in the tank after the row. Will have to push this one harder next time. Nice job today everyone, and Karen that is great to hear about your row.



Tied my previous 1RM shoulder press at 120#. 122.5 felt a lot heavier!

The row felt as bad as ever, and took 6:50 (6 seconds slower than my PR). Damper was set to about 6.75 (I chose a damper setting that kept my starting pace per 500 at 1:40 when I rowed at 24 spm). After about 1200m I gave some serious consideration to quitting!

Katie, your legs probably seize up because you just rowed 2k! If they don’t seize up you didn’t push yourself hard enough. My recommended recovery is roll off the rower and lie in the fetal position for a few minutes, then get up and walk it off for a minute. Next, sit on a box for a couple minutes to change the position of your legs, and then get back on the ground for another 20-30 minutes alternating between fetal and prone position. After this my heart rate has typically returned to normal, and I’m no longer walking like a newborn foal. Works every time!

Cory! You’re hilarious – thanks for the advice! Karen I think I could look at your tutorials, where online can I find them?

Did back squat instead of shoulder press due to shoulder injury.
Back squat – started at 65-5x/85-3x/105-2x, 1x/115-1x/120-1x and 125-1x. Felt like I could have done a little more. Note to self-Start higher next time.

Row-8.46 damper 6.

Thanks Chantal for pushing me!

worked up to 85 lb shoulder press wanted to try 90 but ran out of time.
row was 8:05 i felt the same as Chelsea as I too had some left in the tank but this was my first time rowing 2 K so not 100% sure on how hard to push it. Next time!

Cory’s recovery is bang on! 🙂

Wow Cory that description was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye!!!

Great job tonight girls!!!!! Karen you did awesome! – I too am with KT – where can we find rowing tutorials- I need them!!! Thanks!
Cory – you make me howl!

Still fighting the cough, but needed to go in for a workout to stay sane!
Shoulder Press: 52# – felt really weak today, probably due to having been sick for waaay too long!
Row: 9:54.9 – tried to just go slow and steady to keep my breathing in check to prevent major coughing at the end. Goal was to row the 2k, time didn’t matter.
Nice work everyone!

Katie, I googled rowing machine technique and voila! Lots of helpful videos.

I would like to remove the word “gentle” from my previous posting. It’s highly inaccurate and does not belong on a Crossfit site – Oops! I just want to clarify that I did roll onto the floor after my row and it hurt just as much as the other ones but my state of mind felt different and I happen to get a new PR. My drive finally felt strong and non-spastic!

115/135/145/150(f) on the shoulder press

8:02 on the row. Felt very weak on the row today

It’s almost emabarrasing sharing my 1 RM but here it is: 64.5 lbs. Also not a great score for rowing: 9 min, 33 sec @ damper 5. Rowing is so challenging, what with the “Push, pry, pull, reach, rock roll.” I was not nearly as winded as Cory was, nor did I experience tachycardia so therefore I did not work hard enough. A definite work in progress!!

115 on the press, 5 shy of PR. 125 didn’t go.
7:03.5 on the row.

“Reach, rock and roll” has got to go on a t-shirt somewhere… or maybe “floor, fetal and prone”

Cory forgot to say that yesterday he was hugging Sophia’s little baby doll while recovering.
120# (failed at 122.5#)
Row=7:46 (my previous PR was 7:57)
had to make a point after coming in last on Saturday

hulk- i seem to remember you stating that bagging the row was part of your strategy… not realizing that the row counted as a full wod score

I was just minding my own business trying to recover, and Alvaro comes along shoving some doll in my face! I was too weak to fight back, and I’m sure a blackmail photograph is forthcoming…

Alona, there’s nothing embarrassing about your 1RM. Given our relative sizes, that is probably similar to my 1RM, which I admit isn’t that great, but I wouldn’t say I’m embarrassed by it. But given that I’ve apparently been caught hugging a baby doll in public, maybe my tolerance for embarrassment is higher!

145 lb 1 RM / 7:40 row

forgot to post my wod results… couldn’t get 85lbs up on shoulder press (“strict” no hip sway)… i seem to be stuck at 82.5 lbs… and didn’t row, elbows needed a rest day from physio in the morning

Done on Nov. 11th, as knee was injured and a good excuse not to do “Joshie”

160# Shoulder Press, PR had been 152 from Nov 14, 2008

7:29 row,

thought it was a PR, but that was 7:27 about a year ago

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