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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, November 29, 2010

A1.  GHD Raise – 8-12 reps x 4 sets, rest 90 seconds

A2.   Prisoner’s Jump Squats – 8-12 reps x 4 sets, rest 90 seconds

Rest as Needed

B.  500 m Row

Coach’s notes:  For GHD raise, ensure there is not “break” in the posterior chain and keep speed high.  For prisoner’s jump squat must be explosive off floor.  Post time for row to comments. 

Compare to January 21, 2010 for row.

Comments: 14

How would those of you who were at Parkour feel if “NO LIMITS/A.F.C” used a few of the photos I’ve taken for their promotional purposes?
I’ve sent the photo link to Admin for approval to be posted on the CFC site so that you can view them.
Thanks, Karen

thanks Chantal for letting me do whatever I wanted. you are the best!!
did the 30, 20, 10 OHlunges, med ball cleans and toes to bar. 26:11

Ladies check your boots…someone took Carmen’s size 5 Dark Brown Uggs Tall. Please pawn them off…

Previous PR. 1:36. And today was 1:39:6 for the row

Carmen your boots have been recovered and placed in protective custody in shoe rack

Did the ghd assisted.
Row: 1:58.07
Thanks Chantal and the 5:00 class!

I see i forgot to log out!!

2:00.9 PR
Thanks for a great class Evan

1:36.6 for the row. New PR by 0.5 seconds.
Thanks Evan

1:58.4 this is way off my PR (1:48.7 Dec 18/09)
Thanks Evan

Had to modify and did back extensions instead of raises.
Skipped row due to tingling leg.

Great job on your 500m row 8 PM folks! You all did awesome!

Thanks Evan!

1:36 for me
1:48 for my wife LiLien

Thanks Evan!

A1 : 12/10/10/10
A2: 12/12/12/12
B: 1:32:0
The row killed me as usual. I don’t condone driving after rowing. Thought I’d go to the grocery store after the WOD. Ended up totally forgetting about it!

A1. 12×4 sets
A2. 12×4 sets
B. 1:50.2 (I still suck at rowing!)
Thanks Erin!

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