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Monday, November 23, 2009

Knees to Elbows on the minute

Coach’s notes:Β  Knees must touch elbows on every rep to be done as rx’d.Β  Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to May 5, 2009

Comments: 20

14 rounds; plus 12
plus one extra for Kris!

Not as rx’d…12 rounds

10rnds + 4 (not real k2e)
one round less than last time but I think I’m getting closer to my elbows now.

did yesterdays WOD instead
Deadlift 1/1/1/1/1/1/1

Completed 16 rds, didn’t bother trying for 17 cause there was no way i was going to complete it, great workout

11 rds + 6 as rx’d
There were about 5 of them that I had to redo. I’ve come a long way with K2E’s. I’m very happy with this one.
We also worked on handstands and tried them with the parallel bars. That was fun. Thanks Chantel!

12 rds + 11 Fun class! Thanks for the benchpress practice too! nice work everyone!!
Thanks Brett.

16 rounds + 15 reps.

The first 12 rounds were kipped straight through, but by round 14 I was doing singles for all the reps. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t finish round 17, but I persevered to outdo Stach!

14 rounds + 12 reps. Thanks Brett.


11 plus 5 rep.

13 + 8 The first 5 rounds were K2E but then turned to Knees to tricepts and then last 8 were just knees above the waist.
Also did bench press practice in the warm up. Worked up to 95lbs (only 1rep).
Thanks Brett!

Neil 12 rds + 11 reps- most were K2E
Judy 13 rds + 12 reps – K2E are getting very close. Also managed to keep going without stopping and touching a box for each rep.

Cory you didnt beat me, you completed 16 and failed on 17, theres no other numbers needed, it says post rounds completed, not post rounds completed and any additional reps

10 rds completed

14 rds + 13 as rx’d

12 rounds + 6 as rx’d
Did the reps straight through until round 11. After that, it turned into a nightmare. Grip was fried causing me to have to get off the bar 3 times in round 12. By the end, I could hardly hang on. Amazing how well things were going and then just crashed because of grip.
Thanks Brett for a great class. And thanks Michelle for the compliments! πŸ™‚

Stach, that’s the sort of excuse Alvaro would pull. He would be so proud! πŸ™‚

9 rounds completed. Two rounds better than last time.

Anything involving hanging from a bar is bad news for me.

Baby steps.

10 + 5
last time 8+5

13 rds + 7 reps

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