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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, November 22, 2021

30 rounds for time of:

5 Wallballs – 20#/14#
3 Handstand Push-ups
1 Power Clean – 225#/155#

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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35 minute cap
24 rounds + 4
185# PC

If going for 30 or less would need to scale HSPU reps or do wall walk scale. Still managed to do sets of 3 throughout except for one fall off the wall but there was certainly a pause between movements.

Good to see the 6am peeps.

Scaled it, nailed it! Fun one, choose the “right” power clean weight and was able to move consistently.
24:54 @ 185#
Fun class at 6am with a few imports (including me), who wanted to make this one today. Thanks Sydney!

35:00 time cap
27 rounds + 6 reps
PC @ 185 – this was the right load. Heavy enough that I had to think about it, but every rep felt good.
HSPU – 3 was the perfect rep scheme. Was able to go unbroken for the first 20 rounds or so and then they started to disappear.
WB’s – rx’d+ as I’m pretty sure I held my breath every round. Don’t know why I have a tendency to do that with WB’s.
Loved this WOD, even though I was the last one going. Haven’t felt that uncomfortable at the end of a WOD in a long time.
Thanks OG!

24 rounds at time cap. Rx’d.
Had to focus on staying technically sharp on the power cleans, which was really what I wanted to practice.
Thanks Syd!


MB rx
HSPU scaled to 3 push up/ downward dog push through
135# power clean.

Thanks OG

10# WB
Push ups
85# Clean

Could have done heavier wall balls but aside from that probably correct scaling. Did first 3 rounds in 2 minutes, then did one round per minute with about 15 seconds of rest between rounds, except no rest before the last round. Thanks OG.

So… 5 wall balls, a handstand walk and a power clean. Repeat. I was in a trance that made me so “dumb” that I miscounted my chips and did four extra rounds up to the time cap. I got dumber and fitter. Oddly, I feel idiotically happy about it.


14# wall balls
HS push-ups with two ab mats
105# clean

I think I scaled it well enough to keep up a strong and consistent pace the whole time but if I were to do it again I’d remove an ab mat for the push-ups and maybe add 5-10# for my cleans.

Really enjoyed this one! Thanks OG.


20# wall balls
HSPU minus 6 rounds in the middle for push ups and wall walks
175# clean

MB’s 14# to 10 ft
6 push ups per round
Cleans at 155#

Thanks Zach

205# for power cleans, everything else was Rx. 27:34

what a sexy and fun WOD:
Heavy barbell ✔️
Advanced gymnastics ✔️
Monostructural ✔️

I moved with purpose but not with urgency. I figured I could go right to the WB because it was only 5 and I’m not going to fail them. the HSPU I had to really focus on being tight at the bottom or I was going to fail them. 205 for a power clean is a weight I have to think about but I will hit it every time.

Thanks Zak, great work 6pm

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