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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Muscle Ups for time:

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to December 31, 2008

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Shortly after this picture was taken the photographer was strangled by a pair of bloodied hands…

blue band assisted pull ups, chest to bar
blue band assisted ring dips

Those look like old man hands!

17:04 – blue band assisted pu’s & finished w/ blue band ring dips…these exs. give me a great appreciation for the athleticism of gynmasts

Did 2 Muscle ups prior to the workout and 2 during the workout, after did 28 strict pull ups and 28 ring dips, 10:46, had lots of rest in between my 2 muscle ups attepted 3 more after the failiure and went to pull ups and dips

30 purple band assisted ring dips and 30 chest as close to bar as possible.


7:05 As rx’d

Rep nazi made me re-do #28 due to lack of full lock-out on both arms.

nice work blaine! u are on a roll- killer grace time the other day too.

i did 30 or so muscle-up attempts over a very long period of time… i am very close to my first one… i just need to get the timing right

11:21 as rx’d.

Last rep took me probably 1:21, as I kept trying to rush it. But it is a PR by almost 6 minutes, so I can’t really complain.

1 C2B + 1 purple band-assisted ring dip = 1 muscle up
No band for the pull ups. I felt these were higher than I usually get but not sure if I’d consider them chest to bar. Fun class!

Crossfit Targeted Gymnastics Training – Testimonial
This workout before targeted training – couldn’t get past 15 reps
This workout after targeted training – as rx’d – 14:38
Thanks Chantal & Todd

First 18 –> 2 CTB + 2 Ring Dips = 1 MU
Last 12 –> 2 CTB + 1 Ring Dip = 1 MU
Just over 17min


(1 Chest to Bar+ 1 Ring Dip) x 30 rounds

Chest to bar pull-ups and ring lowers 9:16. Great job tonight Cory and Jeff!!! Thanks Brett.

Judy – 22:12 – blue band for PU green band for rind dips

11 muscle ups 6 failed attempts in 16:30. Not from full hang.
Did some back squats before.

Holy crap Blaine. And nice work on the huge PR cory.

Unassisted pull-ups and one knee in purple band for ring dips. In retrospect, should have used only one strand of the band instead of both for the ring dips to make them a bit tougher.
This was a fun one. Thanks Brett!

20 something, i forgot to look. Purple band pu’s and ring dips. FUN tx Brett.

17:39, might be wrong on the time

(1 Chest to Bar+ 1 Ring Dip) x 30 rounds

1 C2B pullup + 1 ringdip = 1 MU
I will get this!! hahaa – need to figure out timing – and COMPLETELY agree with Jeff re: targeted gymnastics training… Todd & Chantal are doing an awesome job with the classes
Highly Recommended!

Friken awesome cory and Blaine, hopefully soon i will be doing 30 muscle ups in wicked time too πŸ™‚

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