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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, November 15, 2010


For time:

100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

Coach’s notes:  This one’s for the board.  Post time to complete to comments. 

Compare to November 13, 2009

Comments: 27

Did anyone find a workout log book and blue stopwatch on Saturday or Sunday? I may have left mine there on Saturday. Thanks!

Hey Steve,
Your book is on the stack of plates right as you walk in the gym and I thought the stop watch was CFC’s so I put it in the office.

19:55 as rx’d. PR by 2 and a half minutes but not quite what I wanted. Pull-ups, squats and sit-ups felt good push-ups died FAST. Nice PR Katie, that is a huge improvement. Thanks Todd.

32:11 as rx’d. Pull ups felt pretty good, but push ups were terrible. Went to single pretty quick. Sit ups and squats were not as fast as I would have liked but am happy to be under 35mins.

Thanks Todd

Colleen – 23:57 with double purple bands for pull-ups, on toes for push ups for the first 10 than resorted to knee push ups and sit ups were anchored. Merci Todd on the tips for this most unflexable lady!

19:42 and modified beyond belief. Blue band for pulls ups, Push ups from knees and hand weights for wrist stability, sit ups with abmat and anchored. Squats felt easy.
Chelsea – great work today; always a pleasure to watch you kill a WOD.
Thanks Todd!

33:??- I think 33:29 as rx’d. Last time for this one was 46 something so, I’m happy with the improvement. Maybe next time I’ll be under 30! Thanks Todd for the encouragement- that always helps! Nice work Chelsea, you are unbelievably strong!

Did Angie at “Y” this morning. Got many weird looks from the elliptical crowd. Lots of strategy involved for this Old Guy…pull-ups 10 at a time until 60 and then down to 5 at a time…felt like it took for ever but still had some arms left for the push-ups.

This WOD should be renamed The Breakdown or The Mental Monster. It was both of those for me today.
My Breakdown looked like this:
100 sit ups – anchored
100 squats
50 pull ups – with a green band
50 push ups – from the knees
10 pull ups – green band
10 push ups – from knees
10 pull ups – green band
10 push ups – from knees
I was ready to quit. Gave myself a 2 minute rest and told myself I had to at least get to 75 pull ups and pull ups.
10 pull ups – green band
10 push ups – from knees
Decided I could do 10 more of each
10 pull ups – green band
10 push ups – from knees
Only 10 left to go
10 pull ups – green band
10 push ups – from knees
I will have trouble walking the next couple days but have to say that it felt good to push myself again and feel completely broken at the end!
Thanks to the 5pm-ers for the many nudges of encouragement!
Thanks Chantal!

As rxd. 29:23. Broken and now I am broken…

As rx’d, 27:15.

NOT as Rx’d. 27:11
5 proper pull ups; 20 purple band; 75 blue band; kneeling push ups.
Thanks Chantal!

Neil – 33:15 – did groups of 10 each
Judy – 28:13 – did groups of 20 each
double purple for pullups, pushups from knees, admat situps


47:48 sort of as Rx’d a few pull ups at the end I couldn’t get totally chin over bar
esp since I had no skin left on my palms.

Thanks Chantal, Michelle and the 5pm and in to the 6 pm class for the encoouragement!

As rx’d
23:56 – PR – about 40 s faster than last year

Feel like I still have room to improve here – was a still a bit wore out from yesterday’s gymnastics.
Time breakdown (approx.) 8:00/9:30/3:00/3:30
Push-ups degraded to doubles and singles for most of last 50.

16:57 with un-anchored sit-ups, which are way slower for me. I’ll take the PR anyway I can get it though.
Fantastic effort tonight!

Just was reading over the posts from Thursday, sounds like we missed a really amazing event at CFC. Congrats Brett and Chelsea and especially the people that make up CFC!

As rx’d 29:15 a PR by a whopping 5 seconds 🙂

24.12 as rx’d.
Thanks for counting hulk. 1.30 hours later and i haven’t recovered.

35:14 as rx’d
more than 8 min faster than last time

12:53, unanchored

First time doing Angie.
33:29 as rx’d
Pull-ups felt really slow and painful today. I had no grip and kept slipping off the bar. Push-ups were a nightmare as usual. From about rep 20 or 25 on I was down to singles. Sit-ups were fine (non-anchored). Squats were not that great due to my back/leg issues.
Probably not my best showing, but happy to have it under my belt.

Thanks for all of the encouragement and your super coaching Michelle!

20:58 – Michelle, thank you sooooo much for keeping on me to go faster with my situps and drop and up in my squats!

breakdown: pullups 7:22 (15,10,5,10, then 5’s)/pushups 14:58 (10, then 5’s by 40 I think 3’s last 15, 1’s drop and go) /then whatever the rest was…

17:53 as rx’d

Thanks for counting and pushing me Michelle.

13:00 unanchored situps

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