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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, November 12, 2007

Michelle and Chantal




Row (calories)




Coach’s notes:  Perform Tabata intervals for all 5 exercises.  In other words, do 20 seconds of rowing, rest 10 seconds and repeat for 8 intervals.  As soon as you have completed the 8 rowing intervals do the same for push-ups, sit-ups and finally squats.  Post the total number of repetitions for each exercise to comments.

Comments: 2

Good work on the pull-ups! One thing still on my “to-do” list. Today is a speed day for me, however, this workout will come in real handy when I go home @ Christmas. Instead of our usual family hockey game, thinking I’ll have everyone do a Crossfit session!

For this tabata, I rowed 45 calories, did 70 push-ups, 64 sit-ups & 140 squats. Finished this off with a 15 min HIIT run on the treadmill – 2:00 rest, 1:00 work (6.0 & 7.5)

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