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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, May 5, 2008


5 rounds for time:

35 Wallballs

Rest 2 minutes

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete all 5 rounds to comments.


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On Sunday, CrossFit Calgary held its first ever CrossFit Kids Class at OPT.

Congratuations to all CrossFit Kids who brought their enthusiasm, energy and love of sport to the class. Fun was had by all and the Kids look very forward to challenging their parents, OPT and AFT to an future WOD. Pls check out the CFC Kids page for more details and contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca for Registration as there are a few spots still available for this session!

Class WOD and Results
3 rounds (THE PACK)
Run 200 m
10 squats

Sara, 6, 4:16, Dylan 7, 3:48 Alexandra, 7, 4:40
Emma, 8, 4:40 Alyssa, 9, 3:33 Haley, 9, 5:00

3 rounds (BIG DAWGS)
Run 200 m
10 squats
5 burpees

Eric M, 10, 4: 30 Kelly, 9, 5:11 Adam, 9, 4:27
Eric D, 11, 4:26

Your CrossFit Calgary Kids Team, Chantal, Laura & Gord

Congrats to all the kids who started their class yesterday! GREAT JOB!!! Congrats also to the CFC Kids Team for successfully launching this program!

Subbed thrusters 25# barbell
should have used more like 40#
wall-balls must be done in seclusion at the “global gym”

time included the 8 x 2 min rest
9:42 without

Congrats to the Jr. CF’rs!

AM WOD did Helen at YMCA,
Subbed 45# db for 1.5 pood (pressure on lower back, didn’t want to risk it)
400M run on 1.5 incline on treadmill
First round kipping pullups (2 sets) – no good place at south Y to do kips!
second and third used machine with .25 BW

total 14:23

I could have done this faster had I not been at the south gym and trying to maneuver my way through machines!

Doing PM WOD with my wife at the Crowfoot Y. Trying to ease her into CF, what a better way than Wallballs!

Congrat’s to all the kids and way to go CrossFit Kids Team on the launch of what is going to be a great program.

WOD – 12 lb wall ball
1:28, 1:30, 1:33, 1:46, 1:35

WOD in Beautiful Comox valley at the MFRC

WOD 3 rounds for time of
400m run
21 – 35lb/hand db thrusters
Time – 14:34

That was really tough, shoulders failed long before anything else did.
Pre – BWU and Row WU, 3 rounds of the bear up to 65lbs
MU Prac as well

Amrap double unders and Chin ups
no rest in between

Congrats to all the kids and everyone who is involved with CFKC. This is really great to see.

Congrats to all the Crossfit Kids. I wish I’d been lucky enough to discover Crossfit at your age!

WOD 12lb ball
1:06, 1:05, 1:05, 1:03, 1:03

Yeahhh to kids crossfit! Those times were awesome, My little man is in the class and his name is ADAM. I know his times will be better than moms πŸ˜‰
Good work you guys, you all did an awesome job, and it was so much fun to watch you !

As for “Wall Ball day” I can say I did all 5 rounds as requested with 2 mins rest in between with 12 lb ball as follows:
1:42 / 1:48 / 2:14 / 2:04 / 1:59
Thx for all the encouragment and a great job done by all!

WOD in class tonight – 12lb wallball
1:14, 1:07, 1:30, 1:33, 1:38
last 3 sets, reps 20-35 were very difficult!!!
Thanks to the Monday night crew for letting me drop in. You guys have great energy!!!

Sadly due to pain I did revised workout of as many rounds in 20 min of;
10 push-up
15 back extensions
Rounds completed 12

Nice work tonight Amy!

1:49 / 1:47 / 1:33 / 1:30 / 1:30 12lbs
*Only had 1 min rest after first round.Oops! Apparently I was too eager!*

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. It clearly helped my time!

in class w/ 20lb ball

1:02, :59, 1:02, 1:04, 1:09 (dropped the ball at 21…)….sub 1 min next for each even with my my wierd hop….

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