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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, May 26, 2008



Run 5 K

Coach’s notes:  Post time to comments.

Compare to Monday, April 7, 2008

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Congratulations to all the young athletes who participated in the crossfit kids WOD this past Sunday. Your performances are getting better every week! Remember to practice your BEST FORM squats, pushups, situps, and planks this week at home. We will be checking form next week.

The WOD was LIL’ Cindy
as many rounds in 8 min

5 pullups (modified)
10 pushups
15 squats

Eric (11)- 7 rounds
Adam (9)- 6 rounds
Alyssa (9)-7rounds
Emma (8) -7rounds
Dylan (7)- 6 rounds
Sara (6)- 7 rounds

For anybody who is interested in more information regarding crossfit kids please check out the CFC Kids Page for more details or contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca for registration info.

Your Calgary Crossfit Kids Team, Chantal, Laura & Gord

CFK rock!!!

23:43 as rx’d. Having knee treatment this afternoon so wanted to see in advance how the knee responds to a 5k. Focused on running more efficiently with mid foot striking as opposed to heel striking. It’s no problem running like that on a track but took a little getting used to.

Pushing 35lb Ava in the Chariot (has a cold and couldn’t go to daycare). 27:41. Room for improvement for sure. Have to get back to running

19:56 in the rain. km splits of 3:55/3:59/4:03/4:02/3:56.
Happy to be back sub 20.

5:24 shoe-lace came undone.

My 1st 5K ever!

At OPT this morning 24.40

Pleased with the time, now i have something to compare to and improve on for next time ;0)

24:08 – 4:18, 4:35, 5:03, 5:17, 4:55
Following the creek in Confed Park – downstream for first half.
Previous best was 24:31

26:48 – 5k (slow) row as can’t run well yet and thought this would be good to loosen up the rib cage …..wrong….

Good run Pierre.


5k row in class instead of run (still have sore ankle)

20:53…not bad for first ever 5k row…should have started kick with 2000m left….

Family run from Edworthy park East along the north side of the river
5K as Rx
David 29:39 Monique 30:03 Rachelle 31:46
4.2K for boys (age 10 & 8) & mom
Jeremiah 36:11 Elijah 38:34 Tara 38:46

Judy 5k row 24:10

WOD @ Y – COuldn’t run yety as knee is still bothering me did the following:

5 x 1K ROW , 25 Push Ups, 25 Situps

Total row time 19:25
Didn’t time complete workout as used rower timer which pauses when not in use.

Glad to be sort-of-back after 4 days of minimal work.

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